GloucesterCast 323 With Jim and Pat Dalpiaz, Cat Ryan, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/20/19


GloucesterCast 323 With Jim and Pat Dalpiaz, Cat Ryan, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/20/19


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Topics Include:

Dieting is not fun when your life revolves around food.

Favorite Olive Oil Challenge

Costco vs BJs

Passport photos and travel habits. What kind of traveler are you? Link to info re passport photos:

Last chance to see travel exhibition Once Upon a Contest – Cape Ann Reads at Cape Ann Museum (CAM)

Vacation week Programming at Sawyer Free and Cape Ann Art Haven and special offers at Cape Ann Lanes and Cape Ann Marina

Two Bald Eagles at Niles Pond

Hector The Black Vulture being seen at Niles Pond

Three Young Swans at Niles Pond

Plover Ordinance meeting recap from Kim Smith

Common Milkweed and Marsh Milkweed recognized as best for Monarch Butterflies

Super Moon Full Snow Moon

Adventureman update 21 marathons to go- Perspective- he’s trying to enjoy every bit of it, says he’ll be sad when he is done.

Sawyer Free Art Auction! Only a Few More Days Left!

This the last full week for bidding on the Paintings that are up for Auction at The Sawyer Free Library.

This is a great Video Joey did of last years Art Auction. It describes How the Silent bidding works at the Library Art Auction.


I usually Contribute a Traditional Cape Ann scene. This Year I entered a Bright Floral Painting. I was a little bummed out Saturday when I checked the Bid Book. So far there are no bids on it. Bidding on the Painting starts a $50.00.

Even If it doesn’t sell I Have the perfect spot for it. it will be my Xmas gift to myself.

My painting is at the top left

Click the Links Below to Check out more Info on the Sawyer Free Library Art Auction.!/profile.php?id=100000504276052!/pages/Gloucester-MA/Sawyer-Free-Library/202051117106