GloucesterCast With Guests Craig Kimberley, James and Anna Eves and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/9/14

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GloucesterCast With Guests Craig Kimberley, James and Anna Eves and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/9/14

Topics Include: Crappy Coffee, Cape Ann Giclee, What Would You Lop Off Of Your Body To Go Back To 23 Years Old?, Cape Ann License Plate Debate, No Entry With A Codfish, The Angriest Most Hate Filled People In The Country, Custom Bumper Stickers, Bad Tattoos, Craig’s Prison Tat, The Rudder Opening Thursday Night, Peepers vs Crickets, Vernal Pond People, The Studio, Seaport Grille Tuna, Two Sisters Chipolte Hollondaise Eggs Bene, Patriot Strata, Tasty Burger, Top Dog, Yarde House, SRM Auto Detailing, iPad Not For Content Creation, Latest iPhone Image A Fake?, Joey’s Idea For A No Compromise Cell Phone Named The Brick, Joey’s Kickstarter, Throw Out The Weight Part Of The Equation, Give Me Some Guts, Apple Desktop Screens and Why Is There No PC Equivalent, Stitcher, Some Other Great Podcasts, Plugging In Your Cell Phone To Your Car’s Auxiliary Port, Email Subscribers Who Don’t Realize That They Can Access GMG Directly Through The Link , The Internet Just Happened

The GloucesterCast Has Been Been Invited To Be A Station On Stitcher Radio On Demand! 

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Vernal Pond Peepers 03/22/2012

Vernal Pond Peepers 03/22/2012

We have a vernal pond in our backyard. At this time of year the place starts jumping; Frogs, Snakes, Minx, Otters, Mallards and their Ducklings,etc. are just some of things you can see and hear.

I filmed this video so you can hear how loud it gets here during a warm spring night. A couple of nights before I filmed this there was only one lone peeper looking for a date. Now there are thousands of them. You won’t see much in this video of me walking to the pond, but you’ll hear alot.

What are peepers (Pseudacris crucifer)? Click here to find out!