From New Orleans to Gloucester

Hey Joey! Kate Lufkin here. I moved back to New Orleans in August and haven’t been keeping up with GMG as much as I should, but I just saw this story on the homepage and thought of you and the weird lobsters that you guys land!

Hope you find it interesting!


Lake Charles shrimper catches freaky crustacean under I-10 bridge


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Kate Lufkin Represents! In Zimbabwe

Hey Joey. We’ve met a few times, I’m Kate Lufkin, Laurie Lufkin’s sister.  Your wife also went to high school with my sister Sarah.

Anyway, I just took a trip to Zimbabwe and Mozambique to volunteer at an HIV clinic for a few weeks (but I had some fun while I was there, too!) and Laurie reminded me to bring along my sticker…So, here they are! The first one is me on the campus of Africa University (where I was based out of for teaching. I was considered faculty…wtf??) Same with the 2nd and the 3rd. The 5th and 6th are at Victoria Falls, one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen in my life…Finally the last one is on a boat cruise I took on the Zambezi river. It was pretty awesome! I saw elephants, crocs, hippos, you name it!

Feel free to use all or none of them, but I thought I’d send them along.

Thanks for your blog, I love it!


Talking Vodka with Bob Ryan of Ryan & Wood Distillery

Hello Friends!  After a bit of a hiatus from recipe creation and show taping I am back!  And can you think of a better way to come back than to make a show about vodka?  I can’t!

Remember that stretch of really hot days in August?  I do, and you will too when you watch this show on Cape Ann TV that we filmed at Ryan & Wood Distillery during one of those days.  Heat aside, the place is incredible.  I know a little about a lot of things but I had no idea how vodka was made, just that I enjoy it on occasion.  The process is so simple yet so complicated at the same time that I felt like I was in science class all over again.  The heat inside the building is necessary to keep the products at the appropriate temperature and the near 100 degrees outside that day, and the fantastic aroma of the products being distilled made my head spin that day!

My sister Kate Lufkin and I had a tour which took us through the entire process from the raw ingredients to how they do the small batch bottling by hand.   When the tour was over Kate made some excellent cocktails and I made the recipe below–Vodka cured salmon with lemon mustard sauce.  I hope you enjoy it!

You can easily increase the amount of salmon by two or three times to feed a large crowd and if well wrapped, this cured fish keeps for weeks under refrigeration.  The sauce is excellent with all kinds of fish and shellfish and also works well with chicken or a sandwich spread so make lots!

Vodka Cured Salmon with Lemon Mustard Sauce

Beauport Vodka Cured Salmon with Mustard Lemon Sauce

¾ pound skin on salmon fillet

1 lemon, zested and juiced
3 tablespoons kosher salt
1 tablespoon turbinado sugar
¼ cup chopped fresh dill
¼ cup Beauport Vodka

Rinse and pat dry salmon.  Set aside.

In a medium bowl, combine lemon zest, one tablespoon lemon juice, salt, sugar chopped dill and vodka.  Stir to combine.

On a flat plate, layer 3 sheets of plastic wrap overlapping each other.  Place salmon, skin side down on the middle of the wrap.  Pour mixture on top of salmon flesh and tightly wrap.  Use more plastic wrap around salmon if necessary to keep liquid in.  Place on a flat plate and balance another plate on top of salmon and weight plate with something heavy, like a pound of butter for example.

Store salmon in fridge overnight or for at least 18 hours.  When ready to serve, remove wrap and rinse off dill mixture.  Pat salmon dry and thinly slice with the grain of the fish.  Serve on crostini, thinly sliced bread or with eggs (excellent!) and bagels, topping with the lemon mustard sauce  (recipe follows) as desired.

Mustard Lemon Sauce

¼ cup horseradish mustard (or any flavor you like)
¼ cup good mayonnaise
2 teaspoons shallot, finely chopped
1 tablespoons lemon juice (or more to taste)
Salt & pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients together.  Refrigerate until ready to use.

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