Demetri’s Taekwondo Academy Members celebrate Birthday at Charlie’s Place



A very energetic group celebrates a member’s birthday at Charlie’s Place.

Demetri’s Taekwondo Academy is a Martial Arts School offering Tae Kwon Do classes in Gloucester, MA for kids, men and women. Demetri’s Taekwondo Academy is Located at 186 Main St.






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Andreas Thanos Has Some Nice Things To Say About Gloucester People

Hi Joey.  Long time not speak.  But I wanted to share this story with you and possibly your readers.

Gloucester folk…

It is funny. I do not live in Gloucester, never have lived in Gloucester, but I am hooked on this town. Visit it as often as I can, photograph it even more, I often eat and drink in Gloucester, to the point that my wife, children and many friends poke fun at me for it.

Truth be told, I never thought that I would be having such a "Gloucester" experience in Washington D.C. Here’s the story: we flew down to Washington DC this past Wednesday. On Thursday (4/19) we were at the Zoo. Great place. When I say "great" I don’t just mean quality of the exhibits … I also mean size. The kids loved it. We spent the whole morning there. And towards the end of the day we found ourselves on the opposite side of the exit. That is about half an hour worth of walking UPHILL!!!

We were at the Amazonia exhibit, when my wife asked this volunteer for the best way to get to the exit. She saw us all four exhausted and she said: "if you wait 10 minutes, I get off work and I can give you a ride to the entrance." Of course we accepted her gracious offer.

As we were exhausted we took advantage of the wait and sat down for 10 minutes. She comes picks us up and we walk to her car. Guess what folks. She is a Gloucester native. Born, raised and lived in Gloucester until the ’80s. Yes, I feel like an idiot for not asking her for her name, but it was a long day and by then my brain had already called it a day.

We chatted, and I found out that she now lives in Bethesda with her husband, and after she retired a couple of years ago, she started volunteering at the National Zoo. Her father was a Gloucester fire chief. She was in Gloucester last October, so I filled her in on the news I get from Joey’s blog and we started chatting about Gloucester. Of course, the fire chief was also a freemason and since I also am one, the conversation turned to freemasonry. Before we knew it we had reached the gate. We all thanked her and we parted ways. Now, what more can a tired visitor to a large city ask for? A kind-hearted Gloucester native to add, with her good deed, to Gloucester’s pride.

I feel very lucky because all the folks I have met in (or from) Gloucester are GREAT!!!

— A.

Word Scramble- No Takers??

This was posted earlier in the week. We’ll try it again for a rainy Saturday afternoon.

You can find these people in the GMG posts in the past week:

1 Barend Lamyol

2. Rakm Grin

3. Emki Belgrind

4. Hadon Ozarizdin

5. Ilewil Aredlanex

6. Neog Lomloden

7. Nohj Nithanil

8. Ayj Trebla

9. Obb Othyotwn

10. Nadmo Signmumc

Good luck!