Uhmmm, Y’all better get down to Zeke’s For breakfast before Word Gets Out and You Can’t get In

This ain’t your grandfather’s Zeke’s.

Check them out here-

66 E Main St

Gloucester, Massachusetts

(978) 283-7817


The new owners have stepped up the breakfast game in every way imaginable including like a thousand different fresh baked types of bread all made in-house.

How frickin psyched am I that I’ve got a scratch kitchen breakfast joint a stone’s throw from the dock?  WOOOOHOOOOOO!

Every single thing that came out looked ridiculously good and over the top.

Add another awesome breakfast joint to Gloucester’s stacked line-up.  I gotta tell you I put Zeke’s in the top tier and rate it MUST VISIT.  Like I’d say it’s so good that YOU HAVE TO make it your next breakfast dining out experience.  No joke I put 100% of my dining experience critique reputation on the line saying you gotta go.  let me know what you think.

Check it-

2015-08-29 09.44.18

Paleo Breakfast For Kate with homemade salsa

2015-08-29 10.10.46

Fish Cake Bene- Out of This World (what you don’t see pictures was the outrageously good sweet bread)

2015-08-29 10.13.13

Mike and his wife sister.

2015-08-29 10.26.58

Outside a nice touch- brochures for local attractions and benches for folks to check out.

2015-08-29 10.30.12


George’s Coffee Shop Breakfast!

Not for nothin but among the many superlatives you can confidently toss around in regard to Gloucester is easily best breakfast joint town.  Without question, hands down we have a crazy number of awesome breakfast joints to choose from. 

If you’re not killing it with your breakfast game you need not apply to open up shop here because there just so many outstanding options to begin with.

George’s, Willow Rest, Sugar Mag’s, Mamie’s Kitchen , Morning Glory, Two Sisters, Charlie’s Place, ect, ect ect.  We are blessed!

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