Ducks, Geese, Egrets and Herons enjoying the Long Weekend

Walking through the Coolidge Reservation and around Clarke Pond is always interesting and fun especially at this time of the year.  There were many ducks and birds enjoying their environment.  To find out more information on the Coolidge Reservation please click on the following link.

MY RANT! Opinions Are Like……….

Most know that Saying: “Opinions are Like a……. everyone has one”.

I recently read a comment saying; Joey is “Lofty” and can be a bit rude with his language and I’m deleting my subscription to GMG.

The Title of his blog is GMG ” My life on the Dock”

Have You ever hung around with a Lobsterman, Fishermen,  factory worker or even a tie wearing office worker! The crap that comes out of our mouths ,Comments about our life, wife, families, etc. is disgusting!  Only nice disgusting stuff. But it helps us get through a day of sometimes mindless work to support our families. That person may not know what her Husband talks like at work. Unless he works in a Monestary I’m sure he’s used a few choice words in his life.

This is Joey’s Blog, His VOICE, His feelings, His view of this city, The view of people he thought you may want to hear. The images they see of GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS! Maybe if they spent some time “Over The Bridge” they could understand.

 Just like TVor Radio you can change the station. Just click on if you don’t want to hear his or our shit.

I have to stick up for Joey on this one. He is far from stuck up, or Lofty. He gives a great amount of his time promoting Gloucester and the Businesses,  Artists, Organizations and Individuals that make up this wacko Town. He never asks for Kickbacks, Free Meals, Services or whatever.  He pays for his own meals at Restaurants he promotes here.

 BUT, He can be a pain in the Ass. Such as; Calling 30 minutes before the Rockyneck New Years day Swim or the 1st Gloucester triathlon to get some video for the Blog (just a few of my experiences with GMG), Having Sharon risk her life in the toilet of the Schooner Spirit of Massachusetts to bring computer bound People an experience they may never have. Joey asks for nothing in return. There are no ads on the blog to create revenue to help pay for internet access or programs or Hardware to help make the GMG Blog better. It comes out of his own pocket and time.  He can be a great guy. Sometimes. 🙂    A little F ‘n Nuts, sure Can’t we all. Look in the mirror before you judge someone else. I’m sure some of my posts have caused Joey some problems. I know Mary will never read GMG Because of my Valentines card I posted. But get a life, Have a sense of humor. Enjoy His “Little Slice of his life on the Dock” or whatever he calls this F’d up Blog.  Does anybody really read this blog?

I’m sorry to RANT! But in the the words of my Sweet Sicilian Grandfather, You can kiss my Italian ASS if you don’t like it! (It sounds classier in Italian)

OH, By the way Happy St. Patricks Day to all my Irish Friends!

Here’s a Free Plug for you Sharon!

Joey, you can delete this post  anytime if you’d like.

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