Israel Horovitz Gloucester Blue cast -1 ©Kim Smith 2015

Francisco Solorzano, Esme Allen, Israel Horovitz, Robert Walsh, and Lewis. D. Wheeler

A New England premiere of a new play by Israel Horovitz, the founding artistic director of Gloucester Stage, is always an event to celebrate. “Gloucester Blue, ” now playing through October 3rd, is no exception. This incisive and dark comic thriller is propelled by the secret desires that explode from its four characters. The story begins when trust fund babies Lexi and Bradford Ellis hire a housepainter named Stumpy to fix up their luxury Gloucester home. When Stumpy’s regular partner can’t do the job, Stumpy enlists a dubious character named Latham to help him, and that’s when the trouble begins. In no short order, smoldering passions are ignited that quickly turn to unexpected violence. The second act of this two-act play takes you on a roller-coaster ride of twists and turns that you’ll never expect.

The four-person cast brilliantly brings the characters to life. Working their craft on the imaginative set designed by Jenna McFarland Lord, Francisco Solorzano (Stumpy), Robert Walsh (Latham), Lewis D. Wheeler (Bradford Ellis) and Esme Allen (Lexi) create vivid characters that both provoke laughter and make your heart stop with their incendiary revelations. Their interplay is electric as they strive to reveal the darkest secrets of others while concealing their own.

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Israel Horovitz Gloucester Blue ©Kim Smith 2015