Home needed for Mr. Z

Cheryl writes in…

“I made a fabulous connection for Bella…a better home than I could provide…still looking for a home for Z…if possible could you repost his bio…I would love to think they could be in the same area and maybe be able to run together once in a while…

Again Thank You for your help,
Love and Light,

mr. z, adopt, dog

Let’s find Mr. Z a new home! I’m sure he would love to be someone’s valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



UPDATE: Mr. Z found a good home and he’s near his old friend, Bella!

“The homes are so perfect for each dog and get this…they are going to be just about across the street from each other…REALLY how sweet is that. They can still have a romp on the beach and a visit now and then.

Bella is going to a gentleman that is retired and will give her all the love and attention she needs. And honors her age.

Z has gone to a home with a young black lab and a gentleman that lives for his dogs….and the funny thing….Z seemed to be the calmest of the 3…I never thought I’d see the day…lol He is the good ole boy of the house.”