Musician Carlos Menezes- one of world’s greatest middle school band teachers!

O’Maley bands and choruses killing it. Great job Gloucester!

And no wonder. Listen to this teacher and share: Carlos Menezes delivers an awesome introduction inspired by his students and the extraordinary Charles Allan Winter WPA-era mural at City Hall.

Band and chorus snippets loading..

Packed and happy house


LOVE the pink, green and blue banners announcing Gloucester Public Schools district wide Arts Festival May 13

Gloucester Education Foundation brings the arts downtown to Cape Ann Museum, Sawyer Free, City Hall


Gloucester Public Schools Citywide Arts Festival 2011 Preview Video


Jane Cunningham writes-

Hi Joey,

This is a small sampling of the art. We have approximately 3200 students in our district. Look for more digital art displays around town starting the week of April 18th. Venues include the Sawyer Free Library, Cape Ann Museum, Cape Ann Community Cinema, and a few surprise places as well.

Thanks again for supporting arts in Gloucester.

You rock, Jane