Gloucestercast 187 Taped @BeauportHotel With @nicholeschrafft , Neil Mathews, @shutterbythesea @DonnaArd, Marty Luster, @kimsmithdesigns @DeputySecKirk, Jimmy Douglass and @Joey_C


Gloucestercast 187 Taped @BeauportHotel With Nichole Schraft  , Neil Mathews, Bridgette Mathews, @Donna Ardizzoni, Marty Luster, Kim Smith, Carolyn Kirk, Jimmy Douglass and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

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Topics Include:

Taping At The Beauport Hotel On The Eve Of The Official Open, Initial Impressions

Donna’s Birthday. Thanks Bridgette For Getting A Cake

The Magnolia Farmers’ Market starts Monday, June 13, 2016,Donna will be participating

Annisquam exchange Art Gallery in Annisquam, so grateful for One Hour at A Time Gang t-shirts, Cigarette butt counter

Our Friend EJ Is All About Jesus speaking to her and telling her to do things.  I did not condone, endorse or approve her Homosexuality Religion Post.  She has been demoted from Editor to Author.  James Eves has been elevated to Editor Status.

West End Revival- Has Everything to do with Beauport Hotel

Brass Monkey-Tonno-Rusty Shatford Fort Sq Cafe

Carolyn Kirk Steps In

Cape Ann Whale Watch With Jimmy Douglass

New restaurant in Rockport. Feather and wedge.


Fiesta Beginning, Novena, I completely Disagree With Alicia’s Take On The Fiesta

Nichole Chartered Stevie Douglas’s boat last night with a bunch of friends. Such a no-brainer and tons of fun!

Boys want to paddleboard in the harbor this year to watch the greasy pole and boat races. Too dangerous for them?

Can’t wait to book a room at the new hotel and spend the day by the pool and at the pool bar.

Trolley about to start from stage fort park. Talk about no-brainer! A great way to get to good Harbor Beach on the weekends without having to pay a fortune to park.


Nichole Shrafft Photo


Being good friends with Joey C is always an adventure. I would say in our friendship, I am Cameron and he is Ferris Bueller (“he’ll keep calling and calling and calling”) or maybe I’m just part of his entourage. I can tell you this much, I have never came home and said “wow that was an awful time”.

Joey calls me on Wednesday and says I need to show up for a tasting at Cape Ann Brewery and then we will head over to Cape Ann TV. The “Tasting” was me crashing the Chamber of Commerce meetup. When we headed over to Cape Ann TV, we decided to have some fun. Joey wrote up his list of demands to be interviewed and I went in first and said I was his assistant. I clearly stated that as a result of all the media attention Joey has gotten, he has developed quite an ego and had a few requests:

The host Richard Sagall told me right from the start all we have at Cape Ann TV is tap water and a vending machine. I said I had to go back to the car and talk to Joey to see if he would come in. He came in and we all had a laugh, including the 3 high school interns.

Joey then put me on the stage with him. I post for him about once a month, but he called me key to the whole team. He then proceeded to crush the interview bringing that passion, honesty and a little bit of edge that makes him Joey C, his blog great and this community a better place! Richard and the interns were great sports, as he called them out for not posting their content to the internet and even tried to get some content for GMG from the high school interns. ABLC – Always Be looking for contributors! On the way out the door a lady yells to us from the Gym – “Joey do you ever Sleep!!!!”

We finished up the night with the boys from the Farm and brainstormed for the next event we want to partner up on. Crazy night? Nope, just a night out with Joey C.

Thanks for reading – Patrick R.