For all of you folks that have never witnessed THE MOVIE for 2013, please take the time to do so. You will be entertained.

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And please come out and support this years event, it’a for the NEXT STEP, they change lives…you could, too!

Schooner Tesha Eight Years in the Making

Thomas Burnett and crew stopped at Sugar Magnolia for breakfast during their visit in Gloucester, they are on a trek from Halifax NV to Corpus Christi Texas. Check out their website for the eight years in the making also Twitter

The SV Tesha is anchored off Ten Pound Island.

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Paul Slifer has a book coming out this month with Schiffer Publishing. "A is for Anchor"

Hi Joey , our son tattoo artist,Paul Slifer has a book coming out this month with Schiffer Publishing. “A is for Anchor” is  child’s illustrated alphabet inspired by classic images from traditional tattoo design.The book combines Pauls love for classic folk tattoo art with his interest in kids books since becoming a Dad of our two terrific grandkids Esme and Sadie. The book is available on line from Amazon as well as from Schiffer books and will be in book stores soon. You may remember Pauls commemorative Ardelle launching painting in the same style a while ago. I hope all your tattoo enthusiasts here on GMG will like the book.

Best, Kathy Slifer

Crazy for Lobsters!

Sean’s (nickname ‘Spoonin’ Love’) Lobster Tatoo 

The Degelyse’s Tuffy and Sean delivering the daily catch to Captain Joe’s.

Although I am not an expert on the lobster’s anatomy this looks accurate, and beautifully rendered.

Read More about the adventures of Sean and Tuffy:

Sean Diving Off the Roof of Captain Joe’s

Degelyse Crew Captures Buddhist Lobsters

The Man at the Wheel…on the arm

We thought GMG would appreciate this photo as much as we did here at the Blue Shutters…
There are many ways fans of Gloucester can show their love for our favorite seaside town — you’ll find "The Man at the Wheel" emblazoned on tee-shirts, baseball caps, refridgerator magnets, ashtrays and coffee mugs up and down Main Street. But we were particularly impressed with one Blue Shutters guest — Bob from Maryland — who showed us this most awesome tattoo. Bob, whose has roots here, says he always has Gloucester with him wherever he goes.
Tony, Patty, Ed and Annmarie

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Fishermen Tattoo Series- Georgie Bono St Peter’s Fiesta Tattoo

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Georgie to the left and brother Fiesta Legend Jackie Bono who passed this past year and is featured in the greasy Pole Shrine memorial section.