Have Cat? Will Travel With AstroCats Feline Lounge

We recently visited AstroCats Cosmic Feline Lounge at 65 Eastern Ave Essex (same plaza as Blue Marlin and Cape Ann Pizza) to see what was what over there. Alissa was a wonderful hostess and introduced us to her 2 year old business watching over felines of all shapes and sizes. If you have a cat, you may find a need for her services for daycare or travel or whatever and her place appears to be just the ticket. She and her partner Matthew ( also at Googans Galley on Martin St in Essex) obviously care very much for the health and safety of their feline clients. There are a number of screened off small rooms lined with generously sized crate-style temporary homes with enough room for about 2 dozen visitors. The entire place is decorated to suit their needs including TVs running bird and nature shows with soothing music. If you’re wondering if this might work for you, give a call and check it out 978-890-5177

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