I don’t know Mike Carter but there’s a Go Fund Me On his Behalf

Sent to me by Janelle Cusick here’s the link

Hi. I am Lori-ann and I am a friend of Mike Carter. Many of you know Mike as a hometown staple in Gloucester. Born and raised here, he was the youngest of the 7 Carter children. A devout Catholic, he can be found many Sundays at Our Lady of Good Voyage church. I met Mike when I was just a young girl acting in Nan Webber’s productions through Theater in the Pines out of Rockport. Mike was involved in many of the plays and became part of that crew. He has always been a kind soul willing to help whenever needed, but now Mike desperately needs the community to step in and help him out. A few years back, Mike fell for the love of his life and moved away from his beloved hometown to Rockland where he could be with her. He quickly found a job driving for a transportation company and could do what he loves to do most; make other people smile. Things were going great until recently. Mike’s girlfriend was losing her mother. Although Mike did everything he could to lighten the stress on his girlfriend, she lost her mother anyway and her grieving process began. As the stress of that loss settled in for the couple, Mike found himself sick with what he thought was the flu. As the days went on, Mike became sicker and sicker. His girlfriend continued to plan for her mother’s funeral but Mike could not shake this bug. He became delirious and his girlfriend called for 9-1-1. Mike was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was diagnosed with Meningitis and placed in the intensive care unit where he fought for his life. Mike spent the next 3 weeks inpatient between the hospital and then a subsequent nursing and rehab home. During his stay, he was notified by doctors that his girlfriend would not be coming to visit. She had called and asked the doctors to remove her as the emergency contact as she decided she no longer wanted to continue the relationship. As Mike’s physical health improved, his mental health suffered greatly. Mike now had no home to be discharged to and was being told his insurance would no longer continue to pay for his care. The last 24 hours in the nursing home, Mike spent calling every lead he had for a new place to live back home and a job that would be close by. His large family has all since passed away. With no parents or siblings to lean on for help, Mike looked to his friends for relief. A generous friend was able to pay for an extended stay at a vacation rental to buy him some time. He has been actively applying for jobs and calling agencies for help but only has one week left to vacate the rental. Mike wants nothing more than to come back to the city he loves and to start over with the people he cares most about, but he can’t do this without help. I am hoping to raise enough to get Mike started in a place of his own back in Gloucester. No amount is too little. Be it $1.00 or $1000. Whatever you can give will help get Mike a bed and a few meals and help keep him off the streets.

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