“I almost shed a tear after the second bite.” Virgilio’s #GloucesterMA Rave Food Review

Brad Roe, author, gravel cyclist, and foodie, is reviewing Italian subs near Boston. Can you guess which one was his first stop? Enjoyable read and congratulations Virgilio’s.

“Given the spiritual nature of deli sandwiches…my first stop on the journey was the heralded St. Joseph sandwich at Virgilio’s in Gloucester…I almost shed a tear after the second bite. I called my wife. She was a bit surprised by my instant emotional response to the sandwich but patiently listened as I began my soliloquy espousing that for a sandwich (or any menu item, for that matter) to transcend normalcy, it has to be made with… “

Brad Roe reviews Virgilio’s St. Joe Italian sub
Sandwich Obsessed: the Best Italian Subs on the North Shore of Boston. Yahoo article here. The article originally appeared on Outside, April 19, 2023.

Brad Roe Wed, April 19, 2023 This article originally appeared on Outside. Brad Roe is the founder of Peloton magazine and the Editorial Director of the Road/Gravel Cycling Group at Outside, Inc.

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