Elks Hoop Shoot 2022

The annual Elks Hoop Shoot was held this week, hosted by our very own YMCA. Around a dozen players and families gathered to determine winners in 3 age categories with the guidance of several Gloucester Elks 892 members. The tournament was run by Lisa St. Peter and produced a list of names to send along for the next level of competition. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and thank you to everyone who came for the event which has not been held in 2 years. Special thank you to the GHS Girls Basketball program and the Elks volunteers for their assistance. The YMCA once again has done a great service to the community with this event. WINNERS: for 8/9 year olds: Mia Tuinei and Will Armstrong; 9/10 year olds: Flora Tuinei and Ryan Moseley; and for 12/13 year olds: Mailed Lusk and Brandon Fleming. Good job! Hope to see you next year! Photo dump ahead……

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