Red Barrel Pub Already Under Agreement. 

Nichole posted this picture just a couple days ago. Just drove by and there’s an under agreement sign on it. 

7 thoughts on “Red Barrel Pub Already Under Agreement. 

  1. I mean, I’m not saying I deserve a commission or anything…but, if it arrives at the dock let me know. 😉


  2. I used to play the piano there once in a while years ago. Helped in the kitchen, too. That was back when Brud and Bessie Wood owned it. Haven’t been there in many, many years.


  3. God, some of the greatest moments there…Brud smoking his pipe serving up the Bass ales, playing electric darts w/Tom & Dick, the most delicious fish & chips evah served in the English papers, Wednesday nights with Old Cold Tater!!!, Bessie’s house dressing salad, the best fried clams—I dug a few times next to Joyce!, and just the coziest ‘home’ to eat!!! Yes, there were many family/coo-coo moments, but if you went enough, you knew….


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