GloucesterCast 206 With Rick and Donna Ardizzoni, Neil and Bridgette Mathews, Len Burgess, Heidi Dallin, Bex, Jim and Pat Dalpiaz, Ed Collard, Kim Smith and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/30/16




Topics include:

Kate asked me what I wanted to do for my Birthday.  I asked what do you mean?
Hatchet, Husky Bucket organizer, a caster for the Blue Performer, a charcoal grate for the new Blue performer,Kate had a sketch that Jeremy Frost made of the dock and my notification letter from Weber that I’d been named Griller of the week matted by Ana Eves at   they are now doing full service matting.
So as to the hatchet, I’ve had like ten people in the short amount of time I’ve had it look at me sideways as if I’m not competent enough to use a hatchet.  It’s very insulting.
Neil and Bridgette Mathews Weber Grill Cookies
Holiday Delights Dec 9, 10, 11th/ Man In Snow headed To NYC

Jim and I would like to report on our trip to Dogtown.  We went with the specific idea to test out the Dogtown app on my phone against paper maps for hikers.  We’d like to share our findings.  EGuideDogtown on the iTunes app store.

PDF file for Dogtown map

We had a great experience at Cape  Ann Giclee with James.  Would like to share props on that.

Pat Dalpiaz: Shoutout to my cousin Cathy Warde, along with Sari Rochford, Janet Powers, Kate Girard, and Wendy Hashley: Gloucesterites  who will be running in the NYC marathon next week!!

Spiedie Marinade
What is a SPIEDIE sandwich?
The spiedie /ˈspidiˈ/ is a sandwich local to Binghamton, New York in the central Southern Tier of New York State, and somewhat more broadly known and enjoyed throughout Central New York. A spiedie consists of cubes of chicken, pork, lamb, veal, venison or beef.

Mayor’s Arts Challenge – Gloucester in third place FB voting massive in Fitchburg (the college?)

thumbs up by November 1

 Phyllis A Thank You
Shout Out To Sean Nolan at Extreme Auto


2 thoughts on “GloucesterCast 206 With Rick and Donna Ardizzoni, Neil and Bridgette Mathews, Len Burgess, Heidi Dallin, Bex, Jim and Pat Dalpiaz, Ed Collard, Kim Smith and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/30/16

  1. First and foremost Happy Birthday! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    I really liked this podcast and Joey you did a great job about the team as no team ever makes the playoff’s on one alone! The lady who does work around fix it up and talk about all the tools independent and what a mom as mentor! Go out and earn it and she did!

    The truck item cost gee whiz the technology today diagnostic. I loved working on the older models myself with Pop’s and other’s who trained me. My dad’s old 1934 Ford Pickup was the easiest!

    A few nuts and bolts drop the engine easy. Pretty easy to reach everything like the plugs, etc…I worked on many vehicles from 50’s to late 70’s…Now there are jobs that require a secondary person never work alone under a jacked up vehicle without secondary safety if jack fails. Older brother got careless working one and it fell on him luckily he survived it but never was the same after it happened.

    Loads of great information all the way around! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy birthday and what a great folks!

    Some coffee and cake music! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    Relaxing Bossa Nova & Jazz Instrumental Music – Cafe Music For Work,Study,Relax


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