Lobsterman and School Committee Member Tony Gross came home from lobstering with a pint-sized creature, a seahorse measuring just about four inches. I don’t know much about seahorses, but this looks like a Lined Seahorse. Lined Seahorses are found from Nova Scotia to Venezuela, but I also read that most generally live only as far north as Cape Cod. It probably wouldn’t survive our current cold water temperatures. Tony and his wife Abbie are giving it fresh seawater and sand fleas. According to Abbie, this little Hippocampus likes hanging out in the water bubbles.

Photos provided by Abbie and Tony Gross, graphic from Nat Geo.


  1. When my kids were little…about 30 years ago, we made a salt water aquarium and my son captured a tiny seahorse and a flounder the size of a quarter, and a tiny horseshoe crab. So much fun to watch! We let them go at the end of the summer. By the way, where are the horseshoe crabs? Haven’t seen one in years!

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    1. Did you capture the seahorse here or someplace else? Just curious

      I don’t see horseshoe crabs on Cape Ann, but they seem to be fairly plentiful on Cape Cod and the Islands.


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