Help Needed Returning 5 Painted Turtles to Langsford Pond

Eastern Painted Turtle ©Kim Smith 2013GMG received the following call for help from Diane Lapin this morning. If anyone living on Langsford Pond can help Diane, please leave a comment in the comment section and I will email you Diane’s phone number. Thank you!!!


Kim Smith’s post on the Eastern Painted Turtle is quite timely.  I have a request for help from GMG.Last fall, while renovating an area of lawn that I had torn up in the spring, but never got to finishing, we accidently dug up a clutch (??) of baby painted turtles, destroying their nest.

Long story … they have been cared for a wild life rehabilitator in New Hampshire and are now ready to be released.

My neighborhood is heavily wooded and fairly large, but Langsford Pond is the pond the mother came from.  It is through the woods behind my house and difficult to traverse from here.

The 5 surviving turtles are ready to be released and I need access to the pond (near a reedy part for their protection) for their release.  Chris, the wildlife rehabilitator from NH will  be releasing them.

I know a lot of people in our ‘hood read your blog, so perhaps someone will have and be able to provide that access to us to return the babies home?
The release will be on Friday or Saturday of this week (still awaiting finalization).
As per law, the turtles must be returned to Mass and to the body of water they came from.

Perhaps a helpful GMG reader can help us secure a accessible location with lots of reeds to return the little one’s back to their home?

Warm regards,
Diane M. Lapine

4 thoughts on “Help Needed Returning 5 Painted Turtles to Langsford Pond

  1. That should be fairly easy. Access to Langsford Pond is at the end of Dory Rd. Haven’t been there in a few years, but I remember there was a beaver dam. I don’t remember any reeds, just swampy brush around to the left from the beaver dam. I believe there’s a rough access point from the end of Tufts Lane and I know there’s one other very rough access (bushwhack) that I can’t quite explain easily, but it’s generally from the direction of Norton Memorial Forest.


  2. Diane, Noel Mann writes:

    Thanks for picking up on this. Langsford Pond is pretty much owned by Greenbelt and there is an access gate with parking. I own some of the shoreline on the north which is in a conservation restriction and there is good access…

    I am sending you each other’s email addresses and Diane’s phone number.


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