Mama Turtle

The female Eastern Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta) deposits her eggs in a hole, or nest, which she has excavated with her hind legs. She lays between three and 14 eggs. Depending on soil and air temperatures, the eggs incubate unattended in the soil for six to twelve weeks.  Sex of the hatchlings is determined by the temperatures the eggs were exposed to in the nest. Warmer temperatures produce females. Cooler temperatures produce males. Some eggs are deposited close to the surface and others are laid first and are deeper in the soil. The slight differences in position in the nest produce enough variances in temperature to ensure that both males and females are produced from the same nest.

Filmed in Gloucester, Massachusetts, June 2013 with Fujifilm XE-1.

The Gentle Rain ~ Song by Astrud Gilberto

5 thoughts on “Mama Turtle

  1. Great video! We love turtles and as kids we always had several common box turtles or sliders, which were black and shiny. They are plentiful during the Missouri spring and summer and are often seen meandering, or sometimes running across the road. A running turtle is great fun to see. Looking forward to more of your posts!


    1. Thanks Anne! And thank you too for always kind and interesting comments. I think the Mama I was filming ran off because she heard a motorcycle rev its engine nearby–and it was very funny to see her run–if you could call it running!


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