North Coast Angler Fishing Report 7/5/13

Fishing Report: 7-5-2013

I only got out fishing just one morning this past week (at Plum Island) so I don’t have a whole lot of intel to pass along. This is what I do know;
The Cape Ann fishing is settling in to its usual summer pattern with the best bite happening in the mornings. Gloucester Harbor continues to fish fairly good along the various beaches and a few anglers are taking some big fish outside the harbor at the Woe and groaner. Best bait continues to be live mac’s. Some big blues are also in the mix here and there but not big numbers as yet. Steve P and Brianmoc reported spotty action around fishtown and at Rockport, however Brian and buds had a few good mornings at Crane with one big striper pushing the tape beyond 45 inches. So plan on shifting gears to full on summer pattern; mornings with live bait or tossing plugs at the beaches.

The Merrimack and Joppa are running really stained and foul as last week’s torrents are flowing brown on the flats and at the mouth. We did manage a few dinks on the flats Tuesday but had our best luck running and gunning the beachfront with topwaters. A few guys were taking some quality fish drifting live or dead mac’s on the dropping tide at the mouth. I have also heard that the night shift anglers are starting to get some action at the tide top drifting eels on Joppa. So indeed the summer pattern is taking shape there as well. That’s all I got!

Dave B with a quality striper taken using a topwater

Matching the hatch with the abundant sandeels

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6 thoughts on “North Coast Angler Fishing Report 7/5/13

  1. I really appreciate these up to date reports from a Cape Ann professional fisherman. This is a great addition to GMG. I wish I had more time to get out there – maybe this year … Thanks!


      1. OK Skip, you and Mark Destino’s Cleveland friend Laura, who caught a 34 inch striper in the harbor yesterday (, have inspired me to wet the line. Just look at her face and her trophy fish to see the real joy of fishing: It’s not what you catch or how many, it’s being out there, trying, and realizing that the fish are smarter than you are. Your fishing reports are great.


  2. I’m with Fred.
    Will miss going fishing this year because of my school schedule and financial situation. However, would you take an amateur fishing next year Skip?
    Also, FYI —
    the website you posted for northcoastangler gave me a warning by Trend Micro that this was a dangerous website when I clicked on the link. Do you know if there’s been any outside tampering done to your website?


    1. Hi Meg! I make the promise to myself that I’m going to cast the fishing line every year. Gotta do it this year. I can go before, after or during gallery shifts. I have the license and the gear. Also, I was shocked to see that a serving of steamer clams at one of my favorite restaurants was $24! Good Lord, I think I’ll also have to renew my shellfish permit.


      1. Does anyone know why steamer clams are so expensive? I think it’s time to eat lobster instead. Last I heard from Joey C, the price was $5 per pound for lobster. This is an amazing price, cheaper than mid-grade steak, and it supports our local lobster fishermen. Plus, you’ll meet GMG Chief Joey, who started Good Morning Gloucester only 5 years ago. No brainer.


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