If  you find  it you can have it,  or in the Fraggle Rock Christmas Tradition pass it on.

I did a few quick sketches on a couple of rocks at Pebble Beach in Rockport about 2:15pm Today.

I left them on the big barrier rocks there.

Find them before the Seagulls critique my Artwork.

"Twinlights" Sketch left at Pebble Beach
Take Me I'm Yours
The Rock it was left on

4 thoughts on “FIND ME!

  1. i once left some ‘totemic’ stick dolls on that beach. the result of a private ritual. and then, forgot them. a few weeks later a customer at Lady Godiva saw some of my stick doll jewelry. Who did these? i did. did you leave some on Pebble Beach? yes, did you take them (i hoped someone would). no, she said, i thought they belonged there and were placed with care.

    Paul, this idea is great for geo-trekking! you could post the google map coordinates!

    just go to show: great minds think alike. lol!



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