Horseshoe Crab

Horseshoe Crab, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

10 thoughts on “Horseshoe Crab

  1. I remember seeing these in Smith Cove when I was growing up. We used to love watching family groups all connected to each other – one time was a line of five crabs, all connected.

    Then they just stopped coming into the cove.

    We’ve always wondered if it was because the harbor got cleaned up… Good to know they’re still around a little bit.


  2. They are endangered. They are used by eel fishermen as bait. It seems that horseshoe crab is THE BEST bait for catching eels. The plight of the horseshoe crab shows a real symbiosis that other animals have with this creature. The Red Knot feeds exclusively on horseshoe crab eggs, and since there are fewer crabs breeding and fewer eggs, there are in turn fewer Red Knots.

    There are now regulations on the number of crabs that can be collected for bait.


  3. Are eel traps similar to lobster traps with
    smaller holes to get out? I know eel has become
    a delicacy in some very fancy restaurants, did you ever hear of glass eels? They serve that
    at Del Posto in New York, a Mario Batali/Lidia Bastianich Restaurant. I do not think it would be
    something I would order. I find this story of
    the Horseshoe Crab and the Red Knot Bird, fascinating and sad. I’ve passed it on to friends and family, people need to be aware of consequences of decisions.


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