For Shawn Cromwell-

Coolidge Point from Magnolia Beach
Coolidge Point from Magnolia Beach

When we were kids, we walked every day to the beach. The end toward the landing was the city-owned public beach. You had to walk through a ton of seaweed to get to clear water. Still the same now. When I put my kayak in now, the memories of “Stinky Beach” come right back! —Sharon

5 thoughts on “For Shawn Cromwell-

  1. i think my beagle max would agree with the stinky beach theme, he loved to roll in the seaweed . the more smelly the better ! my wife and i would see a real old man their every saturday morning sitting in the sand , rain , snow or shine smoking a pipe . he would always just say morning young fella. one day my wife asked him what he was doing and he said (my wife loved it here early mornings) he had a tear in his eye. we saw him a few more times then he was gone . we were on the beach one day early morning and my wife started to cry , i asked her what was the matter and she said i’ll bet that nice old man is watching the sunrise with his wife now.


  2. hmmm…wondering if that was Frank Petronzio….how long ago Shawn? Frank was a very short man with a grey beard and twinkling blue eyes.


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