Lessons for Children- The Squished Frog

While on vacation we took a walk with the girls and came across this squished frog which I think got run over by a golf cart as it was on the golf cart path.

A little later in the day the Bean hops out of the rented minivan and proceeds to walk across the pavement to get across the road to which I raised my voice and grabbed her by the arm before she got more than a step.

Reminding her yet again about looking both ways and waiting for me before she crosses I asked her to look me in the eyes.

Then I told her to remember the squished frog we saw earlier in the day and how I’d hate for her to get run over by a car and her get squished and how dead stuff is dead forever and how it would really make me sad to never be able to talk to her again.

Maybe it might have left a little impression on her.

In the mean time I’ll just keep reminding her to stick by my side while I help Snoop Maddie Mad out of her car seat.