Day 4: down to 94 Power outages #GloucesterMa, under 100 #CapeAnn October Storm

As of October 30, 2021, the Massachusetts no name storm power outages tally 92,600 dipping below 100,000 for the first time.

Gloucester Fishermen Boys Soccer away game vs. Danvers was **NOT ** called off last evening ahead of game due to the forecast.

*Author note- updated- apologies for typo. Game on

The repair crews carry on as they brace for foul weather and high winds.

Day 3: less than 500 Power outages on #CapeAnn. #GloucesterMa Essex Manchester Rockport in the green. MEMA Map shows 162,000+ across Mass still to go Northeast October Storm

As of October 29, 2021. Massachusetts no name storm no power outages tally 162,436, dropping steadily.

Green/0% breaks down to less than 500 out locally.

Day 2: school closed, Power outages #GloucesterMa 40%. Essex 25%. Manchester 68%. Rockport in the green 8%. Across MASS Some 350,000 Northeast No Name Storm #CapeAnn

As of 4:30AM Thursday, October 28, 2021. Massachusetts no name storm no power outages 349,401

5:30 AM **update** Manchester improved to 25% and Essex 14%