CBS Amazing Race Kicks Off Video In Gloucester Exclusive On Good Morning Gloucester

Here is exclusive Video Shot At my Dock This Morning Showing the CBS Amazing Race Teams Boarding Gloucester Fishing Boats- The Jennie C, No Excuses, Karen Lynn, Tuna.Com, Lady J and Lady Lane.

I accidentally call it the Great Race in the video but I know it’s called The Amazing Race. 

You can see the teams dressed in different colors walking down the gangway to board the fishing boats at the State Fish Pier.  Then they head out single file past the historic Paint Factory to  Gloucester’s inner harbor where they passed by The Greasy Pole and Hammond Castle en route back to The Eastern point Yacht club where they disembarked and the race begins.  On East Main Street one of the teams stopped the Mrs and her friends who just got out of a run-fit class for directions to Boston’s Logan Airport.  She had to sign a release stating that she may be on TV.

One team stopped while in traffic on East Main St and rolled down their window.  It was a good looking man and woman who asked how to get to Logan.   When the car stopped two cameramen popped out of SUV which was right behind the man and woman race team who were rolling seperately in a Smart Car. The cameramen and a microphone were shoved in the Mrs face and when she replied how to get to Logan the team told her not to speak to anyone else.  Then they signed the releases and were off.

I’ll post many more pictures of the teams over the course of the next few days. if you are looking at the video right now at 6:58PM it may be fuzzy but the quality will improve within an hour when it is fully processed by YouTube.