Hark! Holiday Caroling. Jambalaya Horns Band Visiting Marina Drive, Elizabeth, and Reynard. Christmas Lights. Joy. December 21 #GloucesterMA

GMG reader and creative homeowner of the JOY Christmas lights storyland on Elizabeth Road shares some happy breaking news:

“WE’RE ALL DECKED OUT! On Tuesday the 21st we will be doing hot chocolate and candy canes, and also have the Xmas band out here at 6*! Attached is the Jambalaya Horns flyer for December 21. Everyone here on Elizabeth Road is super excited for this!”

Elena Dimaio, December 2021

She shared some pictures of her seasonal storyland with GMG:

Oh, Elena! I know your home and street. I’ve taken a few snapshots :), and made a GIF for you. I call yours the JOY house on Elizabeth. Thanks for writing GMG!

Readers, if you enjoy Christmas lights and holiday cheer, the ‘Enchanting Elizabeth Street’ block both sides is a visit not to miss. The street is lovely and sparkling, easy for strolling, and now caroling, too? PURE FUN. Keep in mind, because it’s a dead end, drivers might consider dropping off passengers, parking on Marina or in the Shaw’s parking lot and catching up. Why rush and jam a good thing jam?

Elizabeth Road and Reynard Street are fan favorites year in year out and featured on the Mad Merry Highlights Tour list here: Holiday Lights and Cocoa Drives map

ON December 21, the band starts on merry Marina Drive, sparkling bright this season.

Check out Jambalaya Horns on Facebook. Jambalaya Holiday Caroling 2021- Week 2 schedule. Jambalaya Horns scheduled some great stops and is surely coming to a Gloucester neighborhood near you. Band is up for it if weather is above freezing and no rain. Check start times – can be 15 minutes or so behind. Elizabeth to Reynard might be a jog.

Wednesday December 15

  • Millbrook Park, Rockport 5:15
  • Oceanside (Denmar), Rockport 6:00pm
  • Harrison Ave @ Skywood Terrace* *Another must see block!

Friday December 17

  • Traverse St @ Haskell & Blake Ct.
  • Chapel St @Davis St. Ext
  • 40 Rocky Neck Ave (free hot cocoa and cookies)

Saturday December 18

  • Starknaught Heights @ Joseph Way
  • Willow Rest 1 Holly St free hot cocoa & cookies *Holly St. another fan fav

Tuesday December 21st

  • Marina Drive
  • Elizabeth Road
  • Reynard St from Capt. Hooks end toward Cherry

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