Christmas Overload?

It’s the Saturday before Christmas. Have you gotten all your shopping done? Are you ready for 6 to 10 inches of snow tonight? Are you sure your pipes haven’t frozen in this cold snap? Someone home from college wants to borrow your new car? The in-laws arriving soon for a week’s stay?

Relax, only 100 days before Top Dog opens on the Neck and you can be sitting out on the back picnic table feeding a Homie your extra fries. I’m going to practice making an Old Fashioned for the rest of the week. Don’t poke, stir. Don’t poke. Stir.

Cold out there in Hoop Pole Cove this morning. Forgot my camera charger so just an iPhone quick pic:

Mixing Drinks Video With Joey and Jackson Cannon

Here’s the promo for a video I shot with Jackson Cannon for the Gloucester Times website.  Look for our weekly GMG show soon.

Weekend Entertaining Help Is Here! Noted Mixologist Jackson Cannon Launches Video Cocktails Series of Videos on

The first video features Good Morning Gloucester’s Joey Ciaramitaro learning the old fashioned way to make America’s first cocktail – The Old Fashioned. This drink is making a reappearance on America’s cocktail scene thanks to the hit series “Mad Men” and a growing interest in drinks from the past. Jackson shares his tips and expertise in how to it properly and also make the proper presentation. The videos are very helpful for your own holiday and weekend entertaining.   According to Boston Magazine; Jackson Cannon, Eastern Standard of Boston Bar Manager, “is one of Boston’s revered senior mixologists. Cannon’s cocktail style is classic, but not conservative, and he views drink making as a tool of hospitality, not as an end in and of itself.”

All of the beverage and cooking videos at Complete recipes for every drink are provided as well. You can also see their other beverage videos in the Wine & Beverage Videos category.

click the pic for the video-

click for video