Friday Night Wine Down!

I’ve been meaning to write a post about this awesome place for months now, but just haven’t gotten it done.  So, without further delay…  you need to check out Mill River Winery in Rowley.

I’ve been twice and truly can’t get back there fast enough.

While their event calendar is pretty full with tastings, tours, vineyard walks, and much more, it is the “Friday Night Wine Downs” that I find the most tremendous.

The first time I went, there was some pretty awesome music thanks to Michael Maloney.  Totally check him out as he was really fantastic and has done some cool things since I heard him play that evening!  In addition to the music, the wine is without a doubt spectacular and the food that they offered up was truly delicious.

Another event that I’ve been dying to hit is their “Crush and Brew Trail“.  It’ll take you from the Mill River Winery to the Riverwalk Brewing Company to the Newburyport Brewing Company, and finally onto Jewell Towne Vineyards.  I mean, come on!

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