Blooms and buildings- finding sunflowers at every turn downtown Gloucester, Mass.

Enjoying all these sunny sunflowers swaying downtown. Can you spot them all? Hint- Main Street and Pleasant Street (Patti Amaral’s garden stretch); on the West End of Main Street at legendary storefront Bananas; Washington and Granite Streets nearby Mother of Grace; and Centennial nearly bookended at both Washington and Western Avenue.


Sunflowers at every turn _ Main Street and Pleasant _ downtown Gloucester Mass©c ryan 2018 Aug 30. GIFSunflowers at every turn _ Main Street and Pleasant _ this one thanks Patti Amaral_ downtown Gloucester Mass©c ryan 2018 Aug 30 (2)




More Main Street Flowers

Main Street’s light posts also sprout flowers during the summer! The Downtown Improvement Committee (comprised of representatives from the City of Gloucester, local businesses and the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce) has purchased and installed fifty-seven stunning hanging baskets along Main Street and in St. Peter’s Square. The flowers are being tended by youth workers hired through the Cape Ann YMCA with financial support from a Community Development Block Grant. So pause as you stroll down Main Street, take in the scenery, and know that a true community effort made it possible.