Visitors to Gloucester – Wayne Hoover


I met Wayne Hoover from Kentucky at Eastern Point, he and his wife were on New England Lighthouse trip. Below are photos he took of our own Eastern Point Lighthouse and one of myself with his wife.  You can see more of his photography on his websites: and

Gloucester Light (1 of 3)

Gloucester Light (2 of 3)

Tourists On Main Street–Kansas City, Kentucky and Pittsburgh PA.

Tourists I met on Main Street


Bill from Kansas City is an avid baseball fan, longing for a World Series


Couple from Kentucky home of Race Horses and Burbon


Couple from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Keystone State

Lou and Shirley From Louisville Kentucky

The Lou and Shirley Interview was great. There are some down to earth Good Folk. You could hear it in their voices how much they have enjoyed their visit to our little community.