Cape Ann Museum Holiday Bazaar

One of our local treasures, the Cape Ann Museum, had their Holiday Bazaar.

The museum’s gift shop was present, of course:

I really liked these “lynzariums“:

“Each lynzarium is a uniquely designed piece of art containing found natural elements. prices start at $20 and a range of different shaped plants and vessels are used.” They actually had some at lower prices too; I bought one! They are living plants, but need minimal care.  And yes, if the name is supposed to be like Latin, the plural would be “lynzaria”, not “lynzariums”. Anyway, they are beautiful, alive, and easy to keep! They have great photos on their website.

Mimi (a gallery in Manchester) also had a table:

Among the other vendors, this display caught my attention:

There were other interesting things too, but a big crowd arrived and it got hard to take photos…

Fr. Matthew Green