Life, Liberty & what?

Not “property” as John Locke had written.  Nope.  Jefferson wrote “the pursuit of Happiness” and the Congress went along with him, even though they made many other edits, much to his chagrin.  This was a truly revolutionary idea — and still is.

What’s even more revolutionary (to me anyhow) is that we celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence as our official Independence Day holiday.  This is NOT a day on which we won our independence through a battle, or a war, or signed a treaty, or formed a government, or elected anybody. This is the day that our Founders defiantly declared that the Colonies were going to “dissolve the political bands” with Great Britain and become independent states.   In short, this is not the day we won any independence through any means other than by saying so on paper.  And it meant a certain death sentence for everyone who signed that paper, which was treason.  Now that’s brave.  Few people today exhibit anything close to this kind of bravery.

But back to happiness.  Everybody pursues happiness in different ways.  One of mine is through music.  So, as promised, here’s the set list for yesterday’s award-winning GMG float featuring almost all local music.  (In case you hadn’t guessed, it’s the spectacular local music that makes me happy!)

The list is in alphabetical order by song title and doesn’t necessarily represent the only good local music, just the best local music suitable for a prarade:

Big Chief – Henri Smith
Blind Knowledge – Willie Loco Alexander
Blues Brothers’ Review – Cape Ann Big Band
Fat Belly BBQ – T Max
Gloucester Till The End – Earl & Arch
Goodnight Romeo – KBMG
Let’s Get It Started – Black Eyed Peas (not local, but requested)
Harley Rider – Allen Estes
Love Light – Fly Amero
Madeline – Pete Lindberg
Not With Ya Hands – Allen Estes
On The Dark Side – John Cafferty (performing with Orleans in August)
Reap What You Sow – The Distractions (That’s me on drums)
Red Solo Cup – Toby Keith (not local, but requested)
Samsara – Inge Berge
Stand Up – Tom Hauck
Still The One – Orleans (Fly Amero’s band)
Take Another Look – Bandit Kings
Two Different Paradigms – Ned and the Big Babies
Where’d They Go – Allen Estes (Official Song of Gloucester)
Wire – Will Hunt
You Me and Mary – Chelsea Berry