Charlene Delaney is This Weeks GMG Cook!


Charlene Delaney pea hot ham pasta GMG cookes photos

Photo submitted by Charlene Delaney

Charlene writes~
 Tonight’s dinner another inspired by Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan. Turn out great like all her recipes. Pasta with Ham & Peas. My biggest challenge is cutting recipe for one.


Thank you for the kind words! Looks like you did a fine job of cutting the recipe down for one …it looks delicious! Happy Cooking





Virginia Smith Is This Weeks GMG Cook!


Virginia smith Sugu

Sunday Sugu so good !


Virginia Smith Writes~ Felicia, I finally made the Sunday Sugu ,Cunnsata Muddica,Meatballs. My family loved it all. Glad I had enough for freezer !This recipe came from Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan‘s “Gifts of Gold” cookbook. A few differences from my usual however just so delicious with the Mudica Cunsata meatballs. !!!

virgina smith meatballs



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This Weeks GMG Cook!





Kerrie Callahan Donahue Writes~Thank you for all your help today, I happy to report this Irish girl took on three of your recipes in the same day; sauce, meat balls, and muddica cunsata. Dinner was a huge hit, looking forward to doing it again. Thanks for being a great help line!!

The Gift That Keeps On Giving…GMG Cooks


GMG Cooks have been busy making dozens of  Sicilian ” Cannatedi”,  Easter Egg Bunny and Basket Cookies, for family and friends this week!

Kathryn Piraino Godick Writes ~ Finished product!!!

Kathryn Piraino Goodick 2


Kathryn Piraino Goodick

Sista Felicia ~ Kathryn I love the green coconut grass embellishment!  Great idea!

Maryjane Sanfilippo Carollo Writes ~ Not bad for my first time!

Maryjane Sanfilippo Carollo

Maryjane 3

Maryjane 2

Sista Felicia ~  I Love your Easter Basket Cookies.  They look great, and I know they taste delicious!

Brenda Grace Laino Writes ~ I did all day yesterday

Brenda Grace Laino

Sista Felicia ~ Nice job keeping up family tradition.  Your Easter cookies look beautiful!

GMG FOB’s Share Marshmallow Peeps Photos!



andy peeps idea

Happy Palm Sunday everyone!

This week GMG Cooks are having some in the kitchen creating all kinds of delicious sweet treats using Marshmallow Peeps…There is still plenty of time to send us your photo ideas and join the GMG Cooks Club!

This weeks “GMG COOKS” are Brenda Grace Laino, and Joanna Numerosi and her handsome sons Salvatore and Liaebenedetto Numerosi  !

Brenda Grace Laino Writes~This is our DELISH Bunny Peeps Carrot Patch “Dirt Dessert”

brenda Grace Laino peeps photo

Sista Felicia ~ Love this dessert using Oreo Cookies, cake, whipped cream and pudding…always a crowd pleaser!

Joanna Numerosi Writes ~ This is what Salvatore and Liaebenedetto Numerosi  did with our peeps!!

joanne numerioui peeps photojn3


Sista Felicia ~ Nice job boys! It’s great to see the kids having fun creating in the kitchen!

Yes this week I will continue to post your Marshmallow Peeps photos so keep sending them in!





The Gift That Keeps On Giving




This weeks “GMG Cooks” list continues to grow! Chris Reed, Mary Beth Stanton, Brenda Davis are this weeks GMG COOKS!

Chris Reed writes~Recipe From Felicia via Good Morning GloucesterYes! They are so good. It was like a cookie factory in here today.

chris reed GMG cooks post ricotta cookies

Sista Felicia~ Great Job Chris…your cookies look Perfecto! Thank You for sharing your photo<3

Mary Beth Stanton Writes~Yummo! Followed your recipe for pasta with the broccoli …. Billy is on his second bowl! Perfect on this damp, rainy Sunday.

mary beth stanton pasta brocoli

Sista Felicia~ Glad to hear Bill enjoyed one of my favorite dishes! Yesterday was a perfect day for Pasta Broccoli! Thank you for sharing your photo<3


Brenda Davis Writes~Made these tonight..easy, delicious and not too sweet..perfect for dipping into tea …Thank you, Felicia for the recipe…

brenda Davis cookies

Sista Felicia~  I agree, this cookie is not overly sweet, and perfect for dipping!  Thank you for sharing your photo ❤

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving…

PrintThe One & Only GMG contributor Donna Ardizzoni  is this weeks GMG Cook!

Donna Ardizzoni Lentil Soup

Donna writes~ Hi Felicia, hope you are well.  Last night I cooked your lentil Soup, so
good and easy to make thanks to your recipe from the book.

Thanks and
take care

Sista Felicia~ Donna, it looks amazing. Perfecto! Watch out Rick…Looks like Donna is cooking her way through “Gifts Of Gold.”  You my be growing a few pant sizes bigger by the time she reaches the end of the book!


The Gift That Keeps On Giving

PrintThis weeks GMG Cook is Mary McLoud Tucker~ Mary writes, “That is a beautiful Valentine dessert ~ yes  ~ dare I say ~ sensual adult dessert.  My mind is twirling ~ if I can find that cheese in Annapolis ~ Valentine plans are done &lt;3  Thanks Felicia ~ you served it up!”

Mary's photo

Mary, taking the time to snap this photo and send it into GMG made my day!  Every photo file I receive and open is a special gift that warms my heart. Thank you ❤

Send us your photo of a Sista Felicia Recipe you make and be the next featured GMG Cook of the week.  Photos will be posted under Sista’s Dish~”The Gift That Keeps On Giving” once per week.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving…

PrintThis weeks GMG Cook!

Laurie Lufkin Writes~ ….my Mom made your Grilled Basil Chicken and White Bean Salad for dinner!   She could not find any Broccolini and put a bit of honey in the dressing but those are the only changes!  It’s so delicious!

Laurie Lufkin Grilled Basil Chicken photo

Sista Felicia Writes ~ looks delicious… and I bet the honey addition taste yummy too!

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

PrintThe “GMG Cook” list continues to grow! This weeks GMG Cooks are Bruce & Linda, and Linda Rae Castagna!

Bruce and Louise from St. Catharines, ON Write~Hey Joey!

Is Spring ever going to get here? We’ve been getting extreme
weather in the Niagara Peninsula, much the same as Cape Ann.

You can tell
Sista Felicia that her receipt last week of the Peppercorn Flank Roast was
Splendid! Very tender, extremely tasty and a big hit at our Sunday supper, even
though I had to bundle up when facing the BBQ.

The Pork Chops are next
on the winter-time cook list!

All the best,

Bruce & Louise –
St. Catharines, ON

flank steak Bruce & Louise

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving…This weeks GMG Cooks!

PrintThis Weeks GMG Cooks…..Thank you for taking the time to share your comments, and photos of dishes that you created from my easy Step-by-Step tutorials. They warm my heart and bring a smile to face every day…keep them coming!

Lia Rix pasta gorgonzola

Lia Rix From Lexington Ma. writes~ Eating one of Sista Felicia recipes. Lia made it.

Lia, your Pasta Gorgonzola looks delicious, and I’m thrilled your enjoying my “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia, Harvest” cookbook….your holly berry dinner plates are beautiful! Happy New Year and Happy Cooking! Thank you for sharing your photo.

michelle Lewis-Nassar

Michelle Lewis-Nasser writes~ Pumpkin Caramel coffee cake…so good! I’ve made it before but today seemed like the perfect morning for it!

Michelle, I agree it is so good! It’s one of my favorite coffee cakes to make…hum… you have me thinking…This week I have been on a roll of making things with extra pantry items left over from the holidays…I think I remember seeing a can of pumpkin in my pantry…I’m going to check……

pantry photo

Yes… Jackpot! Looks like I’ll be making one this week for my family!

All  “Sista Felicia Recipe” photos sent to GMG, Twitter @ Sista Felicia or my personal Facebook page will be posted once per week… send your photos in and join the GMG Cooks Club!

I put a twist on my Pasta Gorgonzola recipe  tonight … I received a huge wedge of Stilton Gorgonzola as a gift for my New Years Year celebtration last week, from our dear family friend Toby Pett … AKA  “The One and only all around great guy Toby Pett and GMG co-podcast host.” We have enjoyed snacking on it with cured olives, roasted red peppers and assorted crackers all week. I had only a small piece saved to make Pasta Gorgonzola  for my daughter Amanda before her return to school, her favorite and a recipe featured on page 208 in my cookbook “Gifts of Gold.” Tonight I decided to  served it over a bed of baby spinach and few toasted pecans… It was simply Delicious!

pasta gogonzola with a twist

The Gift That Keeps On Giving


This weeks GMG Cooks…

gmg cooks 3

gmgcooks 1

Lisa Fornero writes ~ “Not perfect but pretty good for a first attempt!! Thanks Felicia!!”

Lisa, I think you did an amazing job! Enjoy!


Lisa Canning writes~ “Made Sista’s soup. I think we will be eating it all month.”

Lisa It looks like a perfect month for soup…it’s cold out there!

This is the biggest cooking week of the year…Send in your photos of Sista Felicia Recipe and become a member of  “GMG COOKS” Club.

I’m looking forward to this weekends Seasons Best Cookie Competition at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck…There is still time to enter…and did you know that all entrants will be invited to “Sista Felicia Kitchen for a group cookie lesson…What are you waiting for….Sign up today by click link below…