Peter Dench GHS Class of 65 Picture

Here’s Peter Dench, long time teacher in the Gloucester School Systems and all around great guy.  Pete used to work loading trucks after school for J & P Trucking and helped get the masses of fish on it’s way to New York back in thew day. 


Janice Lufkin Shea GHS Class of 63

Here’s Janice, member of our Block Party Committee, owner of the Cormorant Shop and good egg.   She brought by a pile of GHS yearbooks.  I’m looking for some yearbooks from the seventies and eighties if anyone has them, swing by the dock so I can take some pictures.

82 GHS Yearbook, Don Femino and Sandy Favazza

Here is Sandy Favazza and Donny Femino.  Sandy’s father was the skipper of the Saint Peter III  He landed millions and millions of whiting at our dock with my Grandfather Captain Joe and Father and Uncle Charlie.

Donny Femino was a football star and currently retired from teaching at GHS after many many years.  He lobsters for Frank and I down at our dock.

Here’s Donny now-
Hey Donny, where did all that hair go?

Erika Hansen 82 GHS Yearbook Photo

Here is fellow Block Party Committee member and all around good egg Erika Hansen’s ’82 yearbook photo.  Erika tells me she wasn’t around to have an official yearbook picture so they used a passport photo.

(Looks more like a mug shot to me)

Cousin Larry 1982 GHS Yearbook Photo

Here is Cousin Larry’s 1982 Yearbook Picture.  Larry is a regular reader of GMG.  I hope I catch him off guard with this one!

Bruce Tarr 1982 Gloucester High Yearbook Photo

While talking Block Party and Downtown stuff with Erika Hansen this morning she mentioned to me  that she was looking through her 1982 GHS yearbook.

Ding Ding Ding goes the light in my brain!

I got the idea to take some pictures from her old yearbook to post here.  First up- Bruce Tarr Class of ’82