Boston Cannons Lacrosse is a Must See

I was fortunate enough to spend another day at Endicott College photographing the Boston Cannons Major League Lacrosse game….this time against none other than the New York Lizards and their Paul Rabil. The Boston/New York rivalry exists on the lacrosse field as it does on the court, the rink, and in the end zones of other major league sports.  Both teams were phenomenal to watch and at many points during the game the score was tied.  After an unreal beginning to the 4th quarter, the Cannons were able to rally and finish the game up 15-13.

As with before, I was struck by not only the fast paced and action packed game, but also the incredibly fan-friendly environment.  Lacrosse is no joke and the speed, agility, and fierceness demonstrated on the field is in stark contrast to the friendly and engaging fan experience that takes place on the sidelines after the game.  Which simply adds to its appeal.

The two games at Endicott College were part of the Boston Cannons Cannons in Your Community initiative that’s goal was to bring Major League Lacrosse to both the North and South Shore areas.  The South Shore games took place in Hingham.

Endicott was a spectacular venue for a large sporting event and nothing would make me happier than hearing that the Cannons will be returning next summer.  That being said, I look forward to heading into Boston later this season to catch the action on their home field at Harvard Stadium.

The Cannons’ next home game is on Saturday, July 28th at 5:00 pm

Check out the Boston Cannons here


Rambling Endicott, Cordage, Social Media, The Hook

(Click video and read my four minute post.)

Every time I drive past the Endicott exit on Route 128 on the way to Cape Ann this song by Kid Creole and the Coconuts runs through my brain. So much so that most times I have to annoy passengers (even Stella) by singing the chorus badly.  But now, a new twist. On Friday, I turn off on Endicott and go to West Marine. Why? Because they send me an email on Thursday telling me what is for sale. Last week, 50% off boat hooks! This week, 40% off cordage!

The Point: If I had a shop on Cape Ann that wanted to pull me in every week and lighten my wallet, send me an email! Or Refresh your Facebook Page with a Special every week. If it’s a good special people will “Like” your page. If Three Lanterns had a special, “Fishing Lures 30% off this Saturday only!” I would be there. If it’s a special on Rubber Ducks, I’ll post it here!

The Pointless: I bet that if you listened to that whole song, it’s less than four minutes long, you would sing along with Kid Creole too as you drove onto the Cape. It never fails to put me into a Tragabigzanda state of mind.

I’ll never be, I’ll never be, Endicott! Drives Sue and the dog crazy. LYRICS HERE! There will be a test.

A post without a duck? Not a chance. Here is a slightly over exposed rubber duck waiting for sunrise.