this weather! soup & crusty homemade Alexandra’s Bread day

Alexandra’s Bread – flair, fare and wares- artisan bakery and local & vintage gift shop 265 Main Street Gloucester MA

avoid the empty rack- call ahead to place your order – phone: (978) 281-3064

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Blue Dutch Oven At Alexandra’s Bread Co

You wanna know what’s great about this blue Dutch oven that is for sale at Alexandra’s Bread Co for $22.95?  Besides is nice heft and solid feel, it is not so huge that you would need to cook for an army to use it.  Most Dutch ovens are huge and force you to cook huge but this one is about half the size of one you would normally see and allows you to cook a meal for 4 instead of 25.  Head down to Alexandra’s.  Pick up a  couple of cobbles (they come out at 9:30AM) and check out all of Alexandras cool finds that she sells.  I’m telling you if this bakery thing doesn’t work out for her she could easily walk right into being a buyer for a department store that wanted to add timeless houseware lines to their offerings.  Guaranteed to turn an old line failing retailer into a hip timeless retailer in no time.  She has a good eye.  I’m just saying.




The steam in the window means there’s some baking goin’ on!




Check Out Alexandra’s Bread Company Slide Show Pictures I’ve Taken Over The Years Here

Everything you read above this line is from a post I composed yesterday before I went to the Mall with the family.

What you will see below is what I’m adding this morning at 7:14AM

We happened to go into Williams Sonoma (the Bean’s favorite store) yesterday afternoon and featured in the front of the store are these Staub Cookware Oval Ovens for get this- $200 ON SALE



I’m telling you right now- get down to Alexandra’s, buy yourself the heavy duty Blue Dutch oven for $22.95 and every time you see some dope buying a Staub Cookware $200 Oval Oven feel good about how smart you are for not getting sucked into the overpriced cookware trap.