Basic Chicken Salad From Sista Felicia

Basic Chicken Salad


2 breast of chicken (skinless & boneless)

1 stalk of celery diced into bite size pieces

1 teaspoon kosher salt

½ teaspoon freshly ground pepper

2 tablespoon mayo

3 cups water

Step 1: Place water, chicken breast, and 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt in medium size sauce pan over high heat cook until chicken is completely cooked through.

hawain pulled chicken,&sesamee chicken 010

Step 2: Remove chicken from pan and let rest in a bowl until cool enough to touch.

hawain pulled chicken,&sesamee chicken 013

Step 3: Slice celery lengthwise 3 times. Stack celery pieces together and chop into bite size pieces

hawain pulled chicken,&sesamee chicken 058 - Copy

Step 4: Using your hands pull chicken apart into shredded pieces set aside

Step 5: Place the chicken into the bowl of Cuisinart chopper and add diced celery reaming ½ teaspoon salt and pepper.

hawain pulled chicken,&sesamee chicken 046 - Copy

Step 6: Cover Cuisinart bowl and pulse 2-3 times

hawain pulled chicken,&sesamee chicken 047 - Copy

Step 7: Open lid and add 2 tablespoon of mayo

hawain pulled chicken,&sesamee chicken 050 - Copy

Step 8: cover and pulse chop 2-3 times or until chicken salad is the consistency you like

*Note, at this point add more or less Mayo to suit your taste buds! Try adding sliced almonds, sliced seedless grapes, or even try dried cranberries! As you can see my family enjoys a moist but not wet consistency

hawain pulled chicken,&sesamee chicken 052 - Copy

Step 9: Place Chicken Salad into a air tight plastic container and keep refrigerated until ready to serve

hawain pulled chicken,&sesamee chicken 054 - Copy


chicken salad sandwich photos 002

Last week hot and feeling way too lazy to cook, I decided to head off to the market early in the morning to buy deli sandwich meat and snacks for the beach. Immediately after taking a # at the deli counter, I realized there were 5 people ahead of me and quickly had to think of a plan “B”, knowing my kids wanted to get to the beach by noon! I walked over to the cold chest storing the pre sliced deli meat, to see what my options were and was disappointed to find there was no pre sliced “Buffalo Chicken” ,(the only Deli meat my son will eat). I noticed small containers of prepared chicken, ham and egg salad. I picked up a “Small” container of chicken salad and my finger tip nearly burned completely off. Yikes! The cost of a small 15 oz. container was selling for $6.99. Seriously? Not to be cheap, but one can buy a whole chicken for less than that. Even a rotisserie chicken cooked for half that price. I placed it back on the self along with my laziness to cook, and added a package of 6, fresh chicken breast to my shopping cart. When I arrived home my MTMM kicked in(Multi-Tasking Mother Mode) … unloading groceries, packing up the beach bag, switching loads of laundry, along with prepping dinner, all awhile whipping up a batch of ridiculously easy chicken salad I have made for years. Lunch and dinner for 4 for under $10