Jim Dowd: The Streets Are Mine Once Again!

If you didn’t read Jim’s letter to the douchebag (his term not mine) who stole his tire you can read the back story here-

An Open Letter to My Bike Wheel Thief from Jim Dowd

Posted on August 3, 2012 by Joey C


Thanks to Big Mike’s Bike Shop and Beardman McBikeshaman (I believe that’s what he said his name was) I am back to terrorizing the potholed streets of our beloved burg. It should be noted that the bike was fixed within hours and it cost me less than buying the same parts on Amazon, and I would have had to spend time putting them all together and then bolting them onto the bike. And he oiled my brakes. 

I think he might have also mentioned that he’d dipped the removable components into a vat containing active cultures of the deadly ebola virus. I was kinda distracted looking at all the cool bikes and parts they had in there, but I think he said that. Or that he’d rigged the bike with semtex plastic explosive and would detonate if tampered with. Or maybe they are having a sale on helmets. Something along those lines.

Anyhow, Big Mike’s did me solid. Thanks guys.


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