Artists Revealed | Jane Deering Gallery lauds their generosity #GloucesterMA

A word from Jane Deering to artists and fans:

“‘Absolute Secret 2020’ @ JDG ended November 3rd, 2020.  The show was a wonderful success for the gallery’s mission of providing exhibition space for area artists and great fun for all art lovers who found very special art works for $20. The credit for this event goes to the many many artists who so generously donated work to the gallery’s cause.  My warmest thanks to the artists listed below (PDF here).”

Jane Deering, Jane Deering Gallery, Gloucester, Mass.

Absolute Secret 2020
Jane Deering Gallery is very grateful for the generosity of these participating artists who made Absolute Secret 2020 a success:

(unless otherwise noted, the artist maintains a studio in Massachusetts)

Aaron Fink
Adin Murray
Amy Robson (UK)
Ann Conneman
Ann Marie Crotty
Arturo Di Stefano (UK)
Birgit Faustmann (Barcelona)
Bobbi Kovner
Chris Baker (California and Maine)
Christopher Pullman
Coco Berkman
Connie Connally (California)
Dane Goodman (California)
Debra Weisberg
Deborah Brown
Donna Caselden
Eliza Proctor (NY)
Erin Luman
Esther Pullman
Gabrielle Barzaghi
Gail Barker (UK)
Gail Pine (California)
Geoffrey Bayliss
George Wingate
Gina Werfel (California)
Harry Reese (California)
Hazel Walker (Ireland)
Heidi L. Johnson (New York)
Helen Burgess
Hugh Margerum (California)
Isabelle Greene (California)
Jack Evans
James Paradis
Jan Weinshanker
Jeffrey Marshall
Jenchi Wu (California)
Jennifer Fels (Vermont)
Joan Tanner (California)
Joy Halsted
Judith Wright
Juni Van Dyke
Katherine Richmond
Ken Riaf
Kevin Lucey (California)
Kristine Fisher
Leslie Lewis Sigler (California)
Lillian Hsu
Linda Ekstrom (California)
Linda Sodja
Lynne Sausele
Marie Schoeff (California)
Mary Bucci McCoy
Mary Rhinelander McCarl
Michael McKeen
Michael Porter (UK)
Neeta Madahar (UK)
Nell Campbell (California)
Paige Farrell
Paul Cary Goldberg
Paul Neily
Penelope Gottlieb (California)
Pia Juhl
Patty Rosenblatt
Ro Snell (California)
Robin Paine (UK)
Ruth Daniels
Sally Gregg
Shaun McNiff
Shelley Reed
Steve Rosenthal
Susan Harrigan
Susan Willis
Terry Delpercio Piemonte
Tom Fels (Vermont)
Vanessa Michalak
Wayne McCall (California)
Youngsuk Suh (California)

Jane Deering Gallery

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Happy news! Jane Deering Gallery and many generous artists offer an affordable art show. Why? “Putting the number 20 in a more upbeat light in the dreadful year 2020!” #GloucesterMA

As in $20. For original works of art.

Jane Deering sparks art and community amid the pandemic.

Jane Deering Gallery Absolute Secret 2020

I checked in with Jane Deering to hear more about the show and how opening day went for this affordable art show/young collector boost and during a pandemic.

“The idea came to me about a year ago while thinking how I might make art more affordable for the many young people who’ve come to the gallery, expressed how much they admire the shows but were not able to purchase, even something at $100.  Then COVID struck and I needed to get creative to stay alive.

As you know, Catherine, I’ve been living in London a long time.  This sparked my memory of how the Royal College of Art started something back in 1995 called Absolut Secret (sponsored by Absolut Vodka — get it?) which raised money for scholarships to the RCA by offering small works (signed by the artist on the back) for a tuppence. Buyers wouldn’t know who the artist was until they bought the work and turned it over.  One lucky buyer snapped up a David Hockney!  So … I confess I stole my idea for Absolute Secret 2020 from the RCA.  Sometimes theft can bring good?

Anyway … I contacted all the artists I’ve worked with over the years and asked each if they’d donate a small work.  The outpouring of YES! was heartwarming.  Oh, the wonder of artists.  Such generosity and goodwill.  I’m so grateful to all of them.  Works have come from the many who have studios here on Cape Ann and parts throughout Massachusetts, but also New York, Maine, Vermont, California, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and Barcelona. 

Yesterday’s opening was also a wonder.  One of my favorite stories was of a young man (27 maybe?) who emailed back and forth with me for days over his obsession with a particular work.  He asked if coming to stand in line by 12:30 would be too late?  Ha!  He was first in line (working all the time on his cell phone), first in the door when we opened at 1 o’clock, and first to get his special piece.  Good for him!  

Lots of conviviality.  Lots of cheer.  Some disappointments, of course; especially those who sent requests via email only to hear that their pics had sold.  Can’t please everyone so my apologies to all who may have missed out.  There are still many marvelous pieces to be had and several artists have brought me additional works to put up as the show thins out.  Again, the generosity of artists!

Oh!…I’ve been asked ‘Why $20?’  Well, it’s the dreadful year 2020 so I thought I’d put the number 20 in a more upbeat light.  And — back to the affordability factor — I wanted all those who find art beyond their purse strings to be able to have something wonderful.  This show was meant for them.  

And I hope that those who have the means, will return and support these wonderful artists (and the gallery) by buying art at a fairer price.

Thanks to all!”

Jane Deering, Jane Deering Gallery, October 16, 2020

The invitation for this wonderful show- through November 3, 2020

Maybe I can leave $20 for a twenty something art fan? Artists are so generous.

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