7th Wave Restaurant in Rockport is Open for Business!

7th Wave Restaurant RockportWe stopped in at the 7th Wave Restaurant to see our son Alex last weekend. For my husband, he cooked the sweetest, most freshest swordfish special, with grilled veggies, and cannellini beans with pesto. I had the steamers, grilled asparagus, and fried calamari appetizer. The calamari appetizer portion was so generous, I took half home and had it for lunch the following day. Everything was cooked to perfection, and the view, lovely.

7th Wave ©Kim Smith 2013.

The Kahn Family owners are wonderfully welcoming and the waitstaff at the 7th Wave are always friendly, professional, and lots of fun. Their topside deck is open for al fresco dining,  just be sure to bring a sweater, and if outdoors is too chilly for you, the 7th Wave’s indoor dining room also has a beautiful view of the harbor and Bear Skin Neck.  The 7th Wave is open for lunch and for dinner. The kitchen closes at 7:00 on Friday and Saturday, and at 6:00 on Sunday. This weekend and next are their last two weekends of the summer.

Khan Family 7th Wave Rockport © Kim Smith 2013The Kahn Family, Owners of the 7th Wave

Blue Moon

Blue Moon ©Kim Smith 2013For several reasons, Blue Moon is my favorite beer to order out on a hot summer night (warning to readers, I know even less about specialty and craft beers than I do about wines). The first reason being is that it always makes me think of the sweet song “Blue Moon,” written by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart, and covered by many artists; the second reason is the attractive label, and lastly, because it tastes pretty good!

7th Wave ©Kim Smith 2013.Family friendly tree-top dining on the 7th Wave’s upper deck

This was intended to be a post about the 7th Wave Restaurant in Rockport. We sat down and ordered drinks, which I managed to photograph. I was just so hungry and dove right in as soon as our dinners were served. We were halfway through dinner, enjoying some very fabulous fried clams, before remembering that I had wanted to take photos–anyway, next time! I will say, they were the best friend clams of the entire summer. Craig Kimberley, are you reading this recommendation?

7th Wave ©Kim Smith 2013-2.View from the deck

My favorite rendition of “Blue Moon” is Ella Fitgerald’s, but Billie Holiday’s is nearly just as wonderful and the following video has some lovely stills of Lady Day and of fashions from the 50s and 60s.

Toby Pett adds Elvis Presley’s tenderest of renditions. This video too has many beautiful photos, of The King.

Sarah Kelly, Rockport Short Film Festival, 7th Wave, and a Great Saturday on Cape Ann!

There were so many amazing community events taking place yesterday. Although our GMG Cape Ann Monarch Milkweed Project was held in the morning, I was able to attend the Rockport Film Festival in the afternoon, where Sarah Kelly, the festival’s organizer (and GMG contributor) had invited me to speak about my forthcoming film “Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly” and my short film”BomBom Butterflies” had been accepted to the screening.

Rockport was teeming with families and activities. It was difficult to find a parking space but when I finally arrived at the Firehouse where the afternoon’s screenings were taking place, Craig and Hannah Kimberley had very kindly saved me a seat. All of the films were well-worth seeing;  just some of the highlights were Len Burgess’s film about the launching of the Schooner Ardelle, Robert Newton’s film about Gloucester’s WPA murals, and “Homemade Parade” by Emile Doucette. The short film event was followed by poetry readings from local poets. I left shortly after and returned home, with plans to return to the 7th Wave with my husband for dinner (where our son is the cook).

When we returned to Rockport at 7:00, Sarah Kelly was still working away at the Firehouse cleaning up with her family and friends after the day’s events. She was so gracious and I think is doing a fabulous job promoting the festival. I am hoping she will perhaps write a post-festival GMG post on her perceptions of the event’s successes.

We arrived at the 7th Wave Restaurant and were seated at a lovely spot by the window, with the gorgoeus view of the harbor made even prettier in the light of the setting sun. I had a Blue Moon beer, which I love because the name of the beer is one of my favorite Ella Fitzgerald songs. The beer was served with a wedge of orange–a flavorful touch, and fitting because Blue Moon’s list of ingredients includes orange peel. My husband had the cooked-to-perfection grilled mahi-mahi with a delicious spicy mango salsa. Usually I don’t order fried clams because frankly they often aren’t very well prepared and, as they are currently more expensive than a lobster dinner, it really is no fun to bite into a pricey soggy, soden lump of sand and grease. Have no fear of being diappointed at the 7th Wave because, really, their fried clams are to-die-for; simply the best fried clams I have had in a long time (take note Craig if you are reading this!). The batch I had last night was soooo fresh and delicious, perfectly golden brown and crunchy crispy on the outside, with tender, fat bellies on the inside. I had heard in Joey’s podcast with Craig that the fried clams at the Cape Ann Brew Pub are pretty awesome and I have yet to try those, but I know where I will be heading next time I get a jones for extra delicious fried clams and dinner with a stunning view!

Khan Family 7th Wave Rockport © Kim Smith 20137th Wave Khan Family

7th Wave Restaurant in Rockport is Open for the Season!

One of our family’s very favorite restaurants (and not just because our son is a cook there) is the 7th Wave Restaurant, located at Tuna Wharf on Bearskin Neck in Rockport. The staff is delightfully friendly, the seafood is always fresh, delicious, and cooked to perfection, and we love eating al fresco amongst the treetops on the 2nd floor deck, with a spectacular view of Rockport Harbor below7th Wave Restaurant ©Kim Smith 2013

7th Wave Seafood Medley

The 7th Wave is not only owned by the Kahn Family, it is a family-operated business as well; in fact their name is derived from the seven family members who work and own the business–the parents and their five children. Now through Father’s Day, 7th Wave is open Friday and Sunday from 11:30 to 6pm and on Saturdays from 11:30am to 8pm. For more information visit their website at 7th Wave Restaurant.

Tree-top Dining at the 7th Wave Restaurant

Snapshots from one of our favorite restaurants, the 7th Wave, Rockport, on Tuna Wharf. Disclaimer: Our son Alex Hauck is a chef there, nonetheless, we wouldn’t go if the food was anything but super delicious.

The atmosphere is so pleasant–relaxing, family friendly, and with lovely views all around. The wait staff is a great bunch of young college students and Elaine, the owner, always stops by to say hello. Pictured are just some of the yummy dishes from their eclectic seafood menu. We always ask what station Alex is working–sautee, grill, fry, etc. and place our orders based on what he is cooking that evening. The seafood is fried to perfection–the most beautiful golden orange brown-and simply out of this world.

Fabulous seafood medley of fresh calamari, shrimp, scallops, and clams

Mussels Fra Diavolo–and yes, the broth truly is ‘Fra Diavolo,’ or Brother Devilishly Hot! The Chef says he uses both red hot chilies and habaneros.

My kids just love it when I pull out the camera.

Charming Cottage Garden Rockport

Lovely mature catalpa tree shading gallery entrance, Bearskin Neck, Rockport