Advertise Your Business for a Good Cause and Maybe Play Some Golf

Here is a great opportunity to advertise your business, maybe play some golf, and give back to a very worthy cause. A friend’s family is hosting the HSAN IV FOUNDATION GOLF TOURNAMENT (read about this rare childhood disease below) on Monday, May 8th at the Rockport Golf Club. Click link to learn more. They still have sponsorship/advertising opportunities available as well as some room for new foursomes to play. Please consider making a donation …be it monetary, a gift card, or a gift basket. The foundation supports research for the rare condition of HSAN IV.



Disease Overview


Hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type IV (HSAN4 or HSAN IV) is a rare genetic disorder that usually begins in infancy and is characterized by an inability to feel pain and an inability to sweat (anhidrosis). Affected individuals also cannot feel temperature and cannot distinguish between hot and cold. The sensory loss in individuals with HSAN IV is due to abnormal functioning of the sensory nerves that control responses to pain and temperature. Anhidrosis can cause recurrent episodes of fever and high body temperature. An inability to feel pain can lead to unintentional self-mutation, repeated fractures, and joint damage. Affected individuals and especially children or infants may be unaware of injury delaying treatment. HSAN IV is caused by changes (mutations) in the NTRK1 gene. The disorder is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner.

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