Bobbi Gibb Interview ahead of Patriot’s Day Boston Marathon 2023

In case you missed another joyous interview with Bobbi Gibb on All Things Considered last week, Read the transcript here. Listen to the interview | here.

Show intro: “With the 127th Boston Marathon coming up this Monday, this week’s edition of the Joy Beat celebrated the incredible Bobbi Gibb, who is now 80. She joined All Things Considered host Arun Rath to discuss her feat and her life.”

“It has to be coming from love. It’s not coming from hate. It’s not coming from fear. It’s coming from love. When you tune into that love, you feel that that’s the basis of joy. That’s the basis of joy in your life and your sense of wonder, your sense of “Wow, we’re alive on planet earth.” Isn’t that great? Let’s celebrate.”

Bobbi Gibbs from interview with host Arun Rath. All Things Considered 3/14/2023

Can’t help thinking about her art while listening to that April 14th interview on All Things Considered.

Bobbi Gibb, 2019, sweeping lush untitled landscape (photo: installation view at Common Crow, Gloucester, MA., Dec. 2022)

Bobbi Gibb is so impressive! American Artist, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Runner, Attorney, Researcher in neuroscience, First Woman to Run the Boston Marathon 1966, 1st to finish 66, 67 & 68.

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