Disney Immersive In Boston

We are entertaining our grandson this week and when I saw the ad for the Disney Animation Immersive Experience at Lighthouse ArtSpace Castle in Boston, I just had to arrange tickets. I’m one of those adults that loves Disney and raised our daughter in the same manner so even if the toddler wasn’t going to be thrilled, I knew we would like it so I splurged and got the tickets. It is a bit expensive but totally worth it for the experience we had.

The experience takes place in a spacious room filled in every corner with projections and (can I say it?) magic. Snippets of a variety of Disney animations are projected with special effect lighting on the floor space (see video clip). I feared it might be too much for the toddler but he loved it. There was plenty of room to settle as a family on the floor or on the provided benches so the children could wander a bit and explore. The show is about 40 minutes in length and you might want to add a bit of time for gazing and the additional activities offered. A wide range of Disney movies are featured so all ages should find something familiar. The accompanying music seemed to please the entire group.

It’s the closest you can get to Disney without leaving the state. Show closes May 29 2023 and is located at 130 Columbus Ave.

2 thoughts on “Disney Immersive In Boston

    1. I don’t know what the capacity of the venue is but our crowd was very manageable so you may not need the higher end ticket packages but it’s hard to know.


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