The Year I Killed the Easter Bunny

The year I killed the Easter Bunny….. With Easter this weekend, I thought I’d re-share a post I wrote just a couple of years ago when I “killed off” the Easter bunny from our holiday celebrations.

I killed the Easter Bunny. Well, I mean not literally….because well, he doesn’t really exist, but also because I would never hurt anything that way. But, that having been said, I killed him off….like, in a TV series.

You see, Finn, my soon-to-be 12 year-old has always been a strong believer. Some kids are like so-so believers…but, not Finn. He’s been hardcore since Day #1. Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy mascots…oh, the mascots…. but, Mascots are a post for another day. I digress.

I thought for sure, that at the fine age of 11, Finn might question the whole Santa thing back in December. But, he didn’t. Each time I thought he was just playing along, he’d say something that make it perfectly clear that he still believed. While it was cute and all, I’d be lying if I wasn’t kind of like, what the heck?

So, Christmas…and Santa…came and went and we wrote the list, put out the milk, left carrots for reindeer, decorated the cookie plate, and wrapped some gifts in Santa’s paper ….and some in ours. Holidays done. Check.

Then, before we knew it, came Easter. Last Easter Eve I kind of thought we were done. I mean we were hardcore in the throws of COVID with tons of unknowns. Easter and its gifts and traditions were kind of an after thought if I’m being honest. Then, at bedtime, the little bugger goes into the kitchen and gets all busy. I hear him, but don’t think much of it. All of a sudden he comes out ….with a plate of carrots…..

Finn (matter of factly): “I put out carrots for the Easter Bunny.”

Me: (shit) “Great, good job.” ….and by “Great, good job” …. I really meant, “Oh crap, we’re still doing that” 🤦🏻‍♀️ And, geez, thank goodness we had carrots. As I stuffed the Easter baskets and hid the eggs later that night, I did so while keeping Easter traditions alive.

So, 12 months later, I had a decision to make. The way I saw it, I had some choices.

A. Carry on with the bunny traditions under the assumption that Finn still, STILL, believes

B. Enlist Thatcher to get the deets as to whether Finn still believes… and go from there

C. Shop and plan for Easter….but, leave out the actual Easter Bunny character….hence, in doing so, eliminating him.

So, I went with “C.” Don’t judge.

Rather than the traditional Easter baskets, I bought new suitcases for an upcoming trip. I bought bathing suits, flip flops, a couple of t-shirts, a Dunks’ gift card, some baseball stuff, and the littlest bit of candy. I wrapped their gifts in tissue paper and stuffed the little pieces of luggage. I didn’t mention putting out carrots the night before….and neither did Finn.

After Easter breakfast and the opening of their gifts (with the absence of bunny footprint signatures and carrot peels from the gnawed-on carrots left behind from the Main Bunny’s visit in the middle of the night), we went mini golfing and out for ice cream… as has become a fairly new tradition for the past 3 years. We skipped an egg hunt. But, Finn was psyched to go fishing. Win.

At the end of the day, I plopped on the couch happy. But, then, kind of sad. So, that was it. The Easter Bunny had been eliminated…killed off from our story, if you will. He’d still hold a special place in our memories of course….but, would no longer play a role. Not until the day there are grandchildren running under foot at least….and that won’t be for a long time. Would Finn ask…or care? Finn…made no mention. Not that night. Not the next day. Not any day since. It was big brother Thatcher who ultimately said, “So, like, there’s no more bunny?” To which I answered, “I guess not.”

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