Is Skiing The Most Overrated Activity On The Planet?

I don’t get it. You travel a couple hours to somewhere that is intentionally cold, to be cold, in the cold.

Rather than go to a beautiful warm beach.

What am I missing?

Oh I’m all in for the whole Après ski scene but could someone open a bar around here so we didn’t have to drive so far and everyone could dress up in cool ski outfits and there’s be a big wood fireplace?

I’m pretty sure that’s the move- someone open up a place and call it “Après” and for admission you have to wear ski clothes and pretend like you just got off the slopes and need to quench your thirst.

I’m a genius.

4 thoughts on “Is Skiing The Most Overrated Activity On The Planet?

  1. There is an awesome bar & restaurant in South Boston, Publico Street Bistro & Garden, that has a ski lodge with fire pits, special cocktails and flannel-draped couches. People come in ski gear and hang by the artificial snow machine. Just what you’re looking for! We have to get them to open one in Gloucester.


  2. Have you experienced how kayaking can feel like meditating? As if you have been transported to a different level of being and you feel/smell/hear/see the ocean and sky differently? When you return to land you feel like it was a mini vacation? – Skiing is like that too with the addition of moving your whole body in rhythm with the slope. The cold feels exhilarating along with the swish or crunch of your skis on the snow. It’s lovely.


  3. Skiing is good fun.
    Don’t let a video of a chairlift going haywire fool you.
    Skiing down a mountain makes you feel like a bird.


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