15 Years Ago On December 29th, 2007 The First Post on Good Morning Gloucester Was Published and The Blog Was Born. Here was the first post and A Thank You To Everyone That’s Had A Hand In It.

Most websites and blogs don’t get past the first couple of months before their creators give up because they don’t understand how difficult it is to gain traction, to create a loyal following of viewers who come back often enough and provide enough feedback to the content creator to make them feel it is worth the hours of grinding away in front of the keyboard.

That hasn’t been the case here. I’ve been blessed with such passionate people that have not only followed along but joined as contributors to make GMG what it is today. The blog has opened up so many opportunities to create friendships and strengthen bonds within the community all in the name of positively pushing forth the greatness that surrounds us.

I’ve said it dozens if not hundreds of times. GMG couldn’t be done to the level of success we’ve enjoyed in just any town. We’re just lucky to be able to write and photograph a place that has so many layers of gorgeous texture every where we look and that makes it possible.

The art scene, the music scene, the boating, the commercial fishing, the restaurants, the physical landscape- it all is so special and makes our job a pleasure to shout out about!

86,180 individual posts on Good Morning Gloucester in the past 15 years. That’s a whole lot of love back to the best community on the planet. An average of 15.74 posts per day for 15 straight years. Wow.

Out of all of it for me personally I’d like to thank GMG for the friendships it’s afforded me, the doors it’s opened and conversations started because of it’s influence. Every contributor passionate the same way I am about this special place and without whose friendships the blog is just a whole lot different.

For all the subscribers , the people that write in notes and comments thank you so much. without your feedback it’s difficult to keep going if you think you’re creating in an echo chamber.

To all the contributors, thank you so much for helping to drive this baby and even more, thank you for your friendships.

One last note, thank you to my wife Kate who encourages me and knows how important it is for me to be creative. Without this platform that allows me to create and a family and friends that are all-in it wouldn’t be nearly as fun.

Love you all. If the blog has touched you in some special way please leave a comment. I’d appreciate it and I’m sure the team would too.

21 thoughts on “15 Years Ago On December 29th, 2007 The First Post on Good Morning Gloucester Was Published and The Blog Was Born. Here was the first post and A Thank You To Everyone That’s Had A Hand In It.

  1. Joey-Thanks to you as the awesome commander-in-chief and thanks to all the contributors who brighten our day, every day of the year. GMG is such a positive place to visit!


  2. I have followed the blog for a long while now, and would so miss it if I couldn’t read it each day. It is better than the GD Times for keeping us up on what is going on in town. Love to you all and thanks for your devotion to good news.


  3. Joey, we love your blog – keeps us connected to the place we love most. We just don’t do winter anymore. Keep up the good work!
    Dee Noble’s Mom & Dad


  4. Well said. Amazing how far this has come. All the amazing photos, people, events, community connections, Not to mention podcasts and a weekly TV show! Thank you for all the energy Joey! Without GMG we would not have had the info and drive to plant ourselves here. So grateful!


  5. Thanks. I get to stay abreast of what’s going on where my son & daughter-in-law live. I come there every summer from Charleston, SC so enjoyed your post & pics when you brought your daughter here. Been reading GMG for years.


  6. Joey,
    Congratulations on 15 wonderful years. Thank you for keeping us connected to our “home town”, no matter how far away we live or how many years have passed since we lived in Gloucester.
    Nancy Power Parsons


  7. Congratulations on 15 years–thanks to you and an interested, involved community. When we were planning a move to Cape Ann 10 years ago, GMC helped us get familiar with people, places and things going on. We still tune in regularly, now that we are fortunate enough to have become part of the amaing, creative community. Keep going.


  8. When I was ready to retire and deciding where I wanted to live I found GMG. Reading about the people and way of life Joey presented helped me decide to move here 12 years ago. One of my best decisions ever . Keep up the great community service Joey

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  9. Thanks Joe for all that you do. I enjoy reading your blog every morning to see what is happening around Cape Ann. I really like the photos that people post because it inspires me to get out and go see these incredible scenes myself. The focus on small businesses in Gloucester motivated me to go to many of the shops to shop for Christmas presents. The Good Morning Gloucester sticker has become a conversation piece. Yesterday while getting gas at a local station the attendant asked me about it and he was super excited to be introduced to it. Happy New Year to you and Kate!


  10. Congrats on 15 years Joey! I read the blog with my morning coffee every day and it has only reinforced my love of Gloucester and Cape Ann.


  11. I left y hometown the first time in 1963 back for a while in 1968 then onward to new adventures. my day begins by reading the blog. thank you and all the people who contribute photos & stories.the memories are welcome keep up he good work


  12. Following down here in SC. Keeps me in touch with a place where I lived and enjoyed many years ago. Especially enjoy the vibrant photography and colorful commentary. Thank y’all!


  13. We moved to Gloucester in 2009, when GMG was still a toddler, and have been a fan ever since. Keep up the great work Joey and crew. Happy New Year to all!


  14. Congratulations to you, Joey, and to all your wonderful blog contributors, for creating and maintaining such a great, informative, fun and beautiful daily blog for 15 years!!! I grew up in Gloucester and while I haven’t been back in decades, I still consider it my hometown and reading GMG takes me back “home” every day! My thanks to everyone at Good Morning Gloucester. Just THANK-YOU!!


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