Lack of ADA Automatic Door Opener for Rose Baker Senior Center is a head scratcher

Here’s hoping that the heavily accessed– and heavy!– door at the Rose Baker Senior Center parking lot entrance will be remedied as soon as possible. Of all the doors in Gloucester, it’s this one for seniors, in most active use, that’s a mystery to me why it’s not automatic. I’m there a couple of times a week dropping off and picking up. Every time I see people with canes, walkers, and strength issues unable to pull that door.

2019 – parking lot

Rose Baker Senior Center exterior was attended to in 2019 with the new parking lot, and

and with a new exterior in 2020

yet that door wasn’t fixed.

December 2022

More exterior work is slated soon as a new roof is coming (see 2022 bid notice here) and replacement HVAC unit (see 2022 bid notice here). The city’s contracted state-of-the-state building plan road map (read here) does not include such glaringly red flag accessibility issues as this one despite studies and phases. Trusting that the door can be updated by them this month because of cold and inclement weather. It’s very windy in that lot, too. While they’re at it, they could throw in a button at the temporary SFL site, 21 Main St.

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