If You Watch The GloucesterCast You’re Familiar With Our Bananas Rating System- I’ve now developed an upside down banans rating system with examples

If Something Is Bananas Is Really Good- Bananas Bananas Is Really Really Good- Triple Bananas Is The Gold Standard. If something gets the Bananas Bananas Bananas rating this is the ultimate in crazy bananas good stuff.

We also use it in regards to things being bananas in a crazy WTF kinda way and I edited a standard banana in a graphics program to create an upside down banana so we can use it to describe stuff we find bizarrely bananas.

behold the upside down bananas emoji edited by Joey Ciaramitaro:

Edited with transparent background for use on flyers, etc.

Now for example a Triple Bananas Rating I think we can all agree on are the $1 Oysters during bar bites hours at Tonno.

That is bananas bananas bananas in an exceptionally good way

A Triple Upside Down Bananas Rating example would be the 10 knot speed limit for boats 35 feet or larger.

That is bananas bananas bananas in an exceptionally terrible way.

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